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Every Friday I write the 20 Minute Club Minutes–because using a timer for what I call the 20 Minute Technique can keep your creative momentum going in your busy, time-crunched life–20 minutes at a pop.

Please join in and share your 20 Minute Experiences in the Comments–good/bad, it’s all fair game, because sharing your experiences about the process is a great way to increase your creativity.


Tele-class Saves Woman from Head Exploding..Details at 11…

Seriously, that was me this week.

Wrapping my head around various technological system challenges filled my week.

Confusion. Dismay. Anxiety.

Did I mention confusion? And pretty much all week.

Giving all my creative attention to my business felt…necessary, but I barely had time to create any art this week.

No arty creativity =grumpy and out of sorts.

But then the Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-class rode in on its white horse and shining armor and saved the day.

And I realized all over again why structured support is so crucial to keeping any artist’s creative momentum going.

This was basically the scenario:

Wednesday 7:29pm: Tele-class starts in one minute.
Mental State: Frazzled, Distracted, Worn Out. Just…want…to…lie…down.

Wednesday 8:50pm: Tele-class is wrapping up and we’re discussing our collages.
Mental State: Relaxed, Happy, Rejuvenated.

I felt like myself again.

I would never have made any art that night without the structured support of the Collage Tele-class.

When you’re ridiculously busy and worn out by your other obligations, having a structured support mechanism outside of yourself to lean on is not only a big relief, but makes sustaining a creative momentum possible.

This tele-class is designed not only to help blocked artists get un-stuck, but to help all art-makers keep their creative momentum going and guarantee a time to play, experiment, and refill the well.

It helps me each week when I teach it–during the class, sure–but more importantly, for the rest of the week as well.

Because not only do I have a few new pieces to ponder for the 20 Minute Club, but participating in the class also maintains and rejuvenates my creative spirit, so I don’t have to dig it out from under 6 feet of task-and-obligation dirt in order to find it again when I’m ready to work on other pieces.

So even if you’re not a collage artist, it doesn’t matter. This class still benefits all your other creative pursuits because basically….

It’s yoga for your creativity.

I’m so convinced of this, I hope you join me so we can sustain our creative momentum together.


Appreciating yourself is an important part of the 20 Minute Club because it helps you keep your creative momentum going.

Carving out the time to create is important of course, but it’s not enough. Getting (and eventually staying) on your own side is a critical factor for helping you take bigger risks with your work, get yourself out of a creative rut, or just enjoy the process more.

Taking the time to remember to appreciate yourself and all your efforts (big or small, creative or not) is a powerful way to make this happen.

Here are my five self-appreciations for this week:

1. I appreciate that I’m staying open to other solutions to meet my business goals when technological challenges make it hard to do things the way I imagined.

2. I appreciate how much I learn by teaching my class every week and that I’m helping myself honor the process more and more all the time.

3. I appreciate that I took time out to look at art this week even though, once again, I felt too busy to do so. And boy, it was so rejuvenating.

4. I appreciate that I allow myself to stop looking at art when I’ve had enough–this keeps it fun and fulfilling and prevents it from turning into a “should” type experience.

5. I appreciate that I followed up on some leads for showing my artwork, even though I was nervous and it felt hard to do it.

Your Turn

How was your creative week this week? Were you bogged down in obligations? Still vacationing? Immersed in your creativity and feeling fabulous? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. paula lewis says:

    I lost my only child on August 10th. We celebrated her wonderful life yesterday. My family and friends created a warm and joyous day. My artist buddies assured me they intend to keep me busy. They will give me the structured time and permission to experience and make art, in spite of the numbness that is wafting over me this morning. You are included in that cavalry of knights in shining armor. Thank you for always encouraging and inspiring.

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh Paula. I’m so sorry. I’m glad if I’m helping in any small way. You are an inspiration yourself–you’ve moved with an amazing dignity and grace through this heartbreak and I know your daughter must have gained such strength through you. I’m so glad to know you have a tremendous support system surrounding you and helping you through this. Sending you my huge heartfelt best.

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