Will You Give Me Your Opinion?


Several people have asked me if I sell notecards with images of my digital collages on them, so I’ve decided it’s time to do just that.

I’m going to start off with 5 different cards, and I’d love it if you’d help me decide which 5 to pick!

3 Simple Steps

1. Visit http://sarahbushartworks.com

2. Peruse the images &  jot down your 5 faves

3. Click on the green survey link at the top of that page. This will take you to my one question survey where you can check off your five favorites.

Thanks in advance….and I can’t wait to see the results!

Find Your Timer

In the meantime, tomorrow’s blog post will be (of course) the 20 Minute Club Minutes, so there’s still time to grab your timer and carve out 20 minutes tonight to nurture your creative soul.

I look forward to reading your comments about how it went–and remember, sharing your experiences helps everyone!

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  1. Zarina says:

    I have already submitted my response to you.

    Hope that you have enough opinions and don’t have all the figures too close together that you cannot decide. It does happen you know.

  2. paula lewis says:

    Thanks for the lovely blog. Love the survey idea – got me to your website in a hurry, where I found your interesting works. Wish I could see them live and in person. As an enamelist, I know too well that photographs do not do reflective work justice!

  3. Sarah says:

    @Zarina, Yes, that actually has sort of happened–several are in a dead heat, but I must say there have been a few surprises as well…so interesting for me to see what people picked.
    @Paula–Thanks for stopping by–and yes, it’s impossible to photograph reflective things–so much glare! I feel like I have to sacrifice clarity or the reflective quality–can’t figure out how to have both in one photo!

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