Why Bother?


Keep the Channel Open

Sometimes you ask yourself–”Why Bother?”

Why bother trying to create again, or practice a hard technique, or make work no one sees, or summon the courage to pursue an ambitious dream like having a show or selling your work.

And too often, your self doesn’t have a good answer back to that question, because your self and your doubts are in cahoots.

Well, I have a lot of thoughts about this, as you can well imagine, but I think Martha Graham said it best, so I’ve created this  8″ x 10″ reminder, using her inspiring quote.

I want you to click on that image, read it, and then print it out.

After that, you must stick it on your wall, tuck it in your purse or keep it on your night stand to read last thing before bed.

Click here or on the link below to get the PDF (or after you’ve clicked on the image to read it, just right/click to save it (if you’re on a pc) or control/click (if you’re on a mac) to save it.)

Either way, print it out. I mean it. It’s the best answer to the question “Why Bother” that I’ve read yet.

PDF version of Keep the Channel Open

Big Hugs…

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  1. Dear Sarah – I have always been a creative cheerleader. I have mentored, taught and generally excited people into making a leap into the expressive realm. I have said these words over and over in many ways to many souls, but never in such an elegant, honest and striking manner. It moved me.
    Thanks for sharing your creative spirit!


  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks Nanette–that Martha Graham is so inspiring. It’s one of my favorite quotes from her…so I thought I’d just make it pretty so people could paste it to their wall….

  3. Hey Sarah,

    I guess I have lived in a bubble most of my life. I have always created with the intent of learning and see what would happen. I guess I looked at selling or having shows as a byproduct of my creativity.
    Now, I have had a few *projects* that as I was working on them I thought Why Bother??? but really, they are few and far between.
    I think what most people need to understand is that ultimately, you need to create for your own spirit and pleasure. Once you do that, and have that confidence that YOU are happy with the work, things can proceed from there.
    I believe now, due to the economy, so many people are returning to art/craft as a primary income source, and in that respect, it is very hard. (actually, that is a completely different discussion)
    So my reply question would be “Why NOT bother?” There’s just too much wonderful in the way of ideas and techniques and all the other assorted goodies for people NOT to bother!
    GO CREATE! (and to heck with anyone who says otherwise…send them to me!)


  4. yona says:

    really nice post sarah, i been so busy working on my first solo show post brain injury…. but i stopped, pulled out the magnifying glass and read it…. just what i needed… it is so hard to do a show when you have no idea if all the work will pay off…. not only with dollars, but emotionally… that is when it’s most important for me to stay true to myself and keep the channel open.. thanks for the message, you angel u…. xoyo

  5. Marie Johansen says:

    What an excellent post – and and ao true. I hate to admit that I get a bit low whn no one replies ro my posts – but I do sometimes. Mostly though I create because there simply is no way I can NOT try something new!

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