This Week’s Art Inspiration: Water


Here’s this week’s Art Inspiration Hit List–a few links to wonderful artwork from around the interweb to get you thinking, dreaming, and creating.

This week’s theme is Water.

These artists use water to explore time, space, and the relationship between human beings and our natural environment.

I hope they inspire you to carry your own ideas forward into your own unique new territory.

Have you ever considered making “experiential” art like this? Which of these artists speaks to you?

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments!

Water Drop Perfection by Markus Reugels

German photographer Markus Reugels uses high speed photography to capture water droplets–frozen in time and space like that, they take on a weirdly concrete, sculptural feeling. Very cool.

Perfection of Water Drops by Markus Reugels

“Osaka Station fountain displays time, art in water”

What I like about this project is that the flowing water functions as such a beautiful metaphor for time while the piece serves as a literal “digital” clock in a public space. As the feeling of the water rushing through the numbers makes you more aware of them as abstractions as well, the fountain becomes this very layered symbol about that slippery notion/experience/fact we call “time.” So interesting.

Osaka Station fountain displays time, art in water

Rain Room: Installation Art at Barbican’s Curve Gallery in London

This interactive exhibit in London is so interesting because it plays with our modern notions of our control over our lives and the world around us. As you walk around the exhibit of falling water, the rain “stops” wherever you move…fun, thought-provoking, and tactile–I’d love to experience this first-hand. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Rain Room: Exhibition gives visitors power to control the rain

“Neon Luminance: Landscapes lit up by glow sticks, road flares, headlamps, and moonlight”

Photography duo Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard used slow shutter speeds to capture the path their glow sticks traveled down waterfalls–take a look:

Long Exposure Neon Waterfalls by  Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard of From the Lenz


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