This Week’s Art Inspiration: The Life Sized Container


Here’s this week’s Art Inspiration Hit List–a few links to wonderful artwork from around the interweb to get you thinking, dreaming, and creating.

This week’s theme is about home–artist-created dwellings/nests/forts…various life-sized “containers” that can hold a human or two.

These pieces explore our needs and experiences of home, internal space, boundaries, safety, fantasy and loss.

I hope these artists inspire you to carry your own ideas forward into your own unique new territory:

Which one speaks to you? Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!

 Spirit Nests by Jayson Fann

Tell me you don’t want to crawl inside one of these wonderful eucalyptus nests
and I’ll call you a liar! Beautiful.

Spirit Nests Jayson Fann


 “Solarium, A Caramelized Sugar House by William Lamson”

This stained-glass looking structure is made of sugar and glass and honestly, I didn’t quite understand it (aside from its beauty) until I watched the video. I actually don’t completely understand the need to make it from sugar, but watch the video and tell me what you think.

El AnatsuiSolarium Caramelized Sugar House William Lamson


“Play Room Photos Capture the Imaginary Worlds Inside Children’s Minds” Photography by Björn Ewers

Did kids make these? I’m not sure, but they’re fun, fanatastical and hearkened back memories of my old forts underneath the ping pong table in the basement.

Child's Caves by Björn Ewers


“A Condemned House Explodes Onto the Streets of Austin” Art by Chris Whiteburch

This piece is especially powerful in light of the numerous experiences of storm damage across the country this past year. I wonder if his original thinking was just formal or had more to do with the housing crisis. Either way, a powerful statement about loss and destruction.

The Purge by Chris Whiteburch

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  1. The Spirit Nest is the one for me – love it!

  2. Catherine says:

    I am in awe and spiritually fed just looking at them. The Spirit Nests by Jayson Fann are each welcoming in their own way. The energy from each chakra is given freely to these projects.

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