This Week’s Art Inspiration: The Dress


Here’s this week’s Art Inspiration Hit List–a few links to wonderful artwork from around the interweb to get you thinking, dreaming, and creating.

This week’s theme is the Dress–four women artists exploring the dress as a metaphor, a symbol and a shape in very different ways.

I hope they inspire you to carry your own ideas forward into your own unique new territory.

Which of these artists speaks to you?

Have you ever considered using the dress as your subject matter–or other clothing for that matter?

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments!

“Paris Progressives: Yiqing Yin Couture”

Often what comes down the runway by top designers can seem ridiculously unwearable, but young design world super star Yiqing Yin appeals to me as she does this because it feels more like artwork coming down the catwalk. And her work is actually inspired by sculpture as well as mother nature herself. Fresh and exciting. Check it out by clicking on the image below!

Paris Progressives: Yiqing Yin Couture

Elvira ‘t Hart

I love these drawings (definitely click on the pic below to view more of them) but what’s even cooler is that she’s taken them one step further and turned them into actual clothes by laser cutting black leather to simulate the lines in the drawings and be as true to the original as much as possible–while also experimenting to see how this process would create something new.
Love it.

Elvira 't Hart

Melinda Le Guay

These beautiful, fragile, ethereal knitted copper wire sculptures of dresses by Melinda Le Guay turn the empty dress into a sort of delicate vessel–I find them poignant.

Melinda Leguay

Marilyn Stevens

I really like these satisfying collages by Marilyn Stevens and her use of the dress as a starting point for all her work. Click on the image below to see all her interpretations and explorations of life through this potent symbol.

Marilyn Stevens

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