This Week’s Art Inspiration: Temporary Environmental Art


Here’s this week’s Art Inspiration Hit List–a few links to wonderful artwork from around the interweb to get you thinking, dreaming, and creating.

This week, I’m focusing on temporary, environmental art–one snow artist and 2 sand artists. One of the sand artists is a good friend of mine–Matt Long–he was one of the sculptors on the Travel Channel’s SandMasters show. He travels the world carving sand and he has a super cool kit + a fab how-to video if you’re jazzed by the idea of making some environmental art yourself this summer(although his sculptures do last for weeks which I find amazing!)

I hope these artists inspire you to carry your own ideas forward into your own unique new territory:

Click on each link or image to view more of their work–Enjoy!

Simon Beck–Amazing Snow Artist

You must must must click on the image below to see more work. He was a runner who could no longer run, so he decided to take up walking–but in snowshoes, and making patterns. The scale is amazing, the patterns are beautiful–I’m blown away. Read more about him here and like his Facebook Page while you’re at it!



Geometric Sand Sculptor Calvin Seibert–Love these modern,minimal sculptures

As I read on the website Inhabitat.com, Calvin Siebert is influenced by architects and designers Gottfried Bohm and and Aldo Rossi, as he creates striking geometric shapes in the sand.
Visit the artist’s Flickr Page or check his work out here and here.

Calvin Seibert geometric sand sculptor


Matt Long: Sand Sculptor & Sand Sculpting Teacher Extraodinaire

As I mentioned above, Matt is a friend who travels the world sculpting sand for resorts, corporate events, and sand sculpting contests. What a gig! But he also shares his wealth of knowledge through a how-to video and a fabulous kit–so maybe you too can catch the sand sculpting bug and travel the world!

He’s marketing the kit to families, but really, his kit is for arty grown ups too. It’s all about the tools–and what do we love about great tools? CONTROL!! That’s where all the fun is with projects like this.

Watch his video  about his kit because you can get a great sense of the possibilities just by watching that. (You have to scroll down the page a bit to see the video.)

I think I need to get one of these kits myself as I love the summer, love the beach, but am so bad at just sitting there trying to make my white white legs turn at least grey, let alone tan–I’d rather slather on the sun screen and create!


Hope you enjoyed these this week–and as always, let me know what you’re working on, what your challenges are, and what your victories have been!

Big hugs, Sarah

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