This Week’s Art Inspiration: Beauty, Destruction, Removal, and Explosion–Who Knew!


Here’s this week’s Art Inspiration Hit List–a few links to wonderful artwork from around the interweb to get you thinking, dreaming, and creating.

This week’s focus is art that explores the idea of destruction–-3 different artists using elimination, removal, or destruction to make an aesthetic and cultural statement.

I hope they inspire you to carry your own ideas forward into your own unique new territory.

Do these artists speak to you?

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments!

 ”High Speed Photography of Light Bulbs Exploding by Jon Smith”

Beauty in the act of the explosion.

High-Speed Photography of Light Bulbs Exploding by Jon Smith

Michael Landy: Break Down

I was skeptical when I first watched this video because I think artists can do a lot of posturing in performance, time-based or experiential art that I generally find annoying, but I think what he’s done is provocative and compelling, weirdly uncomfortable and definitely interesting. It was the ultimate UN-objectification as he destroyed all his possessions in a matter of fact, systematic way that also really captivated the public.
Watch it and tell me what you think! 

Michael Landy Break Down

Janine Antoni: “Lick and Lather”

The artist makes classical busts of herself in chocolate and soap and then she licks her way to the finished product with one and takes a bath with the other as she talks about ideas of disintegration and dissolution. I know, I know, but read the interview–compelling.

Janine Antoni Lick and lather


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