The 20 Minute Club


The other day I gave a talk about one of my favorite go-to productivity techniques for whenever I need to jump-start my creativity, figure out what to do next on a project, or try something new or challenging but I’m stalling (because it’s new or challenging).

I call it the 20 Minute Technique. It’s ridiculously simple, but it really works. And I thought, you know, I really believe in this method. I use it all the time and it works. I’ve talked about it here on the blog, but I’d really like to make it a cornerstone of Make Great Stuff.

So I’ve decided to make it a weekly thing on the blog. Either as a whole blog post or a part of one, I’m not sure.

I’m starting next week, and I’d reeeaaaalllllyyyyy love it if you’d participate. Are you game? I think you’ll find that it really increases your creativity, helps you through difficult transitions with your work, and gives you a strategy for crashing through your resistance when it comes up.

How will it work you ask?

I’m calling it The 20 Minute Club, and each week I’ll write about how I used the 20 Minute Technique–how many times, what I was working on, how it went. And I’d love for you to write into the comments and share how you used the technique (or didn’t), how many times, what you were working on, and how it went.

We can share, we can commiserate, we can celebrate. Together.

No pressure to participate, of course, but it’s a nice, achievable low-stress way to commit to yourself and your creativity slowly over time and to have a mechanism in place for helping you hang onto your creative self when you get super busy, have trouble tackling something hard, or feel like you have no ideas.

And I think we’ll have fun connecting with each other and really create a community around our deeply held desires to create.

Next Week

So, to get us started, I’d love it if you’d read this blog post (if you haven’t already) to get a better sense of how it works and start thinking about what you might like to spend 20 minutes on a few times this week, so that you can share your experiences in the comments.  I’ll also write a little more next week about the technique itself, why I think it works, and what it helps us with to get us warmed up.

20 minutes. It’ll change things, you’ll see.

Are you game? Do you have a friend you think might benefit? Please share this blog post (forward as an email, tweet it, or post on Facebook) and let’s get this party started!

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  1. Sara says:

    I’m joining the 20 Minute club! First things first, I need a timer.

  2. Pirate says:

    I am so in! There is an online timer that can count both up and down here –

    so even though my only timer is on my microwave, I can work upstairs in my office. :)

  3. Sarah says:

    Yay! @Pirate @Sara!! And I’ve got 2 timers–one in my apartment and one in my studio, so I’m never without! :-)

  4. Laura says:

    I’m in! I think I’ll start using this to get back into my sewing.

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  6. Amandamac says:

    I think this is an absolutely awesome idea that has widespread applications for life in general. The solution to procrastination. I am going to make a start on a craft project sitting on my table. Then a handbag that is cut out waiting to be sew up. Then a few drawings and sewing tasks for my daughter… it has really got me started!!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration. It is priceless.

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  11. Kimberly says:

    OK, count me in. I’ll join the 20 min. club

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