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I’ve got a fun and exciting update about our Glitter Decoupage Ornament kits!

But first I must say that I’m tickled about how many people who’ve already ordered have chosen the Buddy Kits–either to make together with a friend (creating + bonding = perfect) OR because they’ve gotten into gear and are creating lots of ornaments as special handmade gifties for friend and colleagues. So impressed!


Exciting Update

To celebrate, I thought I’d help my other creative friends out there in internet-land who also really want to make glitter decoupage ornaments but are afraid to order a kit because you’re worried you won’t find time to make them.

And then you’re worried if that happens, you”ll have to kick yourself about buying more supplies that you didn’t use, and/or on not following through on a commitment you made to yourself.

Since we definitely don’t want either of those things to happen, I’ve got a cunning plan.

(And for those of you who are feeling bad about owning too many art or craft supplies, you should read my blog post called, unsurprisingly,¬† “Too Many Supplies?” to find out what’s secretly very good about it, and why it actually shows a real commitment to yourself, even while you’re busy berating yourself for a lack of that very thing. So stop kicking yourself, you’re trying!)

The Cunning Plan

On December 16th, at 4pm EST, I’m offering a Glitter Decoupage Telecrafting¬† Teleseminar for anyone who has bought a Glitter Decoupage Ornament kit, and we will make an ornament together at that time!

You’ve never heard of a Telecrafting Teleseminar? Where have you been? That’s because I just made it up!

Okay, you say, But how will it work?

How it Will Work

During the one hour call, anyone who has ordered a kit can call in and we’ll walk through the process of making a Glitter Decoupage Ornament together.

This is for anyone who’d like some company or the comfort of a date/deadline/agreeement for making sure you make your ornaments.

Yes, yes, you say, Go on.

Okay. Picture this: it’s 3:55 on December 16th, you jump up and suddenly think, “Egad, my Telecrafting Telesminar starts in 5 minutes!”(I know, I know, how did I know that you always say, “Egad!”? Because I’m psychic, that’s how.)

You knock over a lamp as you rush over to the computer to open up your email and find that phone number I sent you after you ordered.

You grab your kit from that spot on the stairs by the door and you unceremoniously whoosh everything else off the kitchen table as the cat retreats hastily to the other room.

Fumbling for the number, you dial in to the call, press speaker phone so your hands are free, wipe your brow and chime in a shy happy hello and then just as suddenly sit back, smile and relax as you realize that Sarah’s just gonna walk you through a carefree glitter decoupage ornament class on the phone and you’re going to GET ‘ER DONE!


(This is a good spot to remind you that the telecrafting teleseminar is completely voluntary, and of course you can just order a kit and make your ornaments at your leisure/whenever you’d like. This is just a nice, extra FREE thing for anyone who’d like a little extra support.)

The Details

At the beginning of the call, I’ll chat a bit about the project which will give you time to rummage around for a plastic take-out container for your water, a pair of scissors, a couple of sheets of scrap paper to keep track of the glitter and maybe yesterday’s newspaper to work on top of so you don’t ruin your table top.

After that, I’ll mute the call so you don’t have to hear everyone else’s dog barking or child complaining and I’ll actually make an ornament during the call, describing each step as I go, and that will give you time to create as well.

And even though the call will be muted, you’ll be able to unmute yourself anytime if you want to ask a question, clarify something, lavish me with compliments, or just comment in general.

Simple, right? And fun. And, I hope, a relief for folks who need a little structure to get themselves going.

Because basically, it’s like we’re making a date to make your kit. Because even if it’s all totally obvious to you how to do it from my super clear video, sometimes it’s nice to have a little structure to support your desire to create something.

Needing a little structure is not a character flaw, it’s perfectly natural. You’re busy and overextended. And if you’re trying to get back into the swing of creating, it can be especially difficult to break that inertia on your own.

So why should you? You shouldn’t.

Especially since participating in the call is totally FREE for anyone who has bought a Glitter Decoupage Ornament kit.

So order yourself up a kit or two and I’ll send you an email with the info for signing up for the call (Again, totally voluntary!).

Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if you did this with a friend as well? Another kindred spirit who is also wanting to make a few gifts this season?

Give her a call right now or forward her this email. Split a kit, sign up for the call, and you can catch up as you craft together (with me on speaker phone in the center of the table making sure it’s all easy and fun) and we’ll have ourselves a Glitter Ornament Decoupage Party.

Sounds like a lovely idea.

Let’s do it!

Have any questions, thoughts, musings about this idea? Just leave a comment below or use our contact form and ask away! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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