Talks for Business Leaders


Creativity consultant Sarah Bush offers an exciting talk on “design thinking” and creative problem solving for organizations who help business leaders and C-suite executives. This talk offers insights into the how the creative process works and how cultivating the creative competence of your staff will empower them with concrete skills they need to collaborate and innovate with success.

Practical Creativity for Business

This inspiring talk/discussion about the creative process will present:

  • How understanding the creative process can help your staff push through typical challenge areas and successfully develop new ideas;
  • How to overcome the 3 biggest obstacles to powerful creative collaboration so your business can grow faster and innovate more easily;
  • How to recognize unconscious assumptions and challenging group dynamics that impede creative problem solving so your company can move past them;
  • Ideas for empowering your staff and building a company culture that embraces and rewards creativity
    so that regular innovation can occur.

About Sarah Bush -Short Bio

Sarah Bush has an MFA in Fiber and Surface Design and has been professional designer for over 20 years–creating and developing
home decor and personal accessories that were sold to major department stores, fashion retail chains, and upscale boutiques across the country.
Sarah is now a professional speaker and creativity consultant for forward thinking businesses and educators—providing practical
hands-on creativity workshops with lessons and experiences that professionals can immediately apply to their everyday work challenges.