Talks for Arts Organizations:

I offer 3 inspiring and empowering talks for artists.. Choose the one that works best for your membership.

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missycollaging-talkspageUnleash Your Creativity

This  inspiring talk/discussion about the creative process will present:

  • The single most important step you must take to reach your full potential as an artist.
  • Three do-able techniques for making art when you’re tired, brain-dead or out of ideas.
  • How to overcome 5 common obstacles that every artist faces so you can make, finish, and show your art with more confidence, ease and pleasure.
  • How to understand and enhance your own unique creative process so you can develop your artistic voice or signature style,
    build a body of work and truly express yourself.

*This talk is also available as a half day workshop with a hands-on art making component.

knot-talkspageTo Sell or Not to Sell: That is the Question

This informative and inspiring talk will present:

  • The most important question every artist must ask themselves and why.
  • How to overcome the two biggest obstacles most artists face when marketing and selling their art.
  • How I used free marketing techniques to land a 5,000 commission and how you can use those same skills to sell your own work.
  • Two simple mistakes many artists make and how you can avoid them.
  • The role of effective story-telling in promoting and selling your work.


womanwithboxes-talkspageGoing Wholesale: How to Sell What You Make to Stores

This practical and empowering talk will present:

  • Why selling to stores requires an important shift in mindset–what that is and how you can do it.
  • How to approach store and boutique owners about selling your work.
  • What store owners expect from you and how you can look professional and have the information they need and want.
  • The importance of creating collections–what that is and how it’s different from having a bunch of nice stuff.
  • How to price your work wholesale, determine minimums, & create delivery dates.
  • The pros and cons of wholesale trade shows—when to do them and when to wait.

About Sarah Bush -Short Bio

Sarah Bush has an MFA in Fiber and Surface Design from the Memphis College of Art and has been professional designer for over 20 years–creating and developing home decor and personal accessories that were sold to major department stores, fashion retail chains, and upscale boutiques across the country.

Sarah is now a professional speaker and artist’s coach and works one-on-one with fine artists, designers, and indie crafters build a powerful creative momentum, sell what they make, or both