How to Sell Your Stuff & Stop Panicking

Classes & Webinars

So. You’re thinking about selling your art, or you already ARE selling your art–or at least trying to.

Either way, you’re super stressed–feeling like you’re flapping in the wind by yourself, desperately hoping that you’re making good decisions, having a mini-heart attack every couple of minutes, and generally wondering if you’re just plain crazy.

Believe me, I feel ya! Which is why I’ve created these classes, e-courses and recorded seminars to share with you what I’ve learned, help you skip over some painful struggles I went through, and break down the overwhelming overwhelming-ness of it all into smaller problems that you can actually solve and feel fantastic about!

Selling Your Art 101 aka “The OMG Series”: (COMING 2013)

Creating Your Content: Becoming “Visible” and Building an Effective Web Presence
(for overwhelmed artists)

One of the toughest, unexpected challenges of selling your work is how hard it can be to be visible all the time. Exposed.  Naked. You and and your work out there in the world. And building your web presence is a huge exercise in just that–being visible.

This is an uber-practical class that will teach you how to talk about your work, how to speak to your people and how to create a plan and vision for your website that you can clearly express to your web designer so that they can create what you want and do it faster and more efficiently.

We’ll work together to design your site format and also work step by step to create all your necessary site content  as well as how to use free online tools to create simple graphics or adjust or re-size images of your art or design work so that you can provide your web designer with all the information you need and they want. I’ll also give demonstrations of working in wordpress–creating pages, menus, installing themes, and more.

We’ll also discuss options for getting your site created–from using free web based tools to hiring a designer or developer, so you can be clear about what’s the best choice for you to get it DONE!

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Build a Business Mindset and Stop Struggling as an Artist

You’re an artist. You like to make things. You want to sell what you make, but you can feel shy and funny about sharing your work with the world. Sometimes it feels exciting, other times, you want to throw up, throw in the towel…or both.

But if you are going to sell what you make, you can’t live on that emotional rollercoaster all the time or you’ll definitely lose your lunch! Which is why you must-must-must build a business mindset. But rather than undermining your artistic self, building a business mindset is actually one of the most powerful creative actions you’ll ever commit–it is liberating, strengthening, and perhaps most surprising of all, sometimes even fun.

  • In this free webinar we’ll cover:
    • What is a “business mindset” anyway, and why is it so important?
      • Tools for creating your business mindset
      • 3 Aspects of a Powerful Business Mindset and how it can change your life
      • Common mistakes made by artist in business and what you can do to avoid them
      • Recognizing resistance in all its disguises–how it sneaks up on you and how to keep it under control

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For Artists, Designers and Crafters Who THINK they Hate Hate Hate Business

You think learning all this dry business stuff is like eating cardboard or going to the periodontis, but really, it’s not. Or you might be scared to death of the what you’ll find out, but honestly, you’ll be relieved to know some critical business fundamentals because they empower you to plan, make good decisions and still be an artist. Knowledge truly is power.

We’ll demystify the following so you can sell your art with clarity, confidence and integrity:

  • What is profit?
  • What is breaking even?
  • What are your costs?
  • How do you figure out what you need to earn each month?
  • How do you figure out how many pieces or items you’d need to sell?
  • How do you do this when you haven’t sold anything (or much) yet?
  • How do you know if your prices are correct?

We’ll help you understand these scary and confusing concepts and turn them into GOOD FRIENDS that you can actually rely on to help you SUCCEED. It’s a HUGE RELIEF to know these critical business basics because they help you think and plan and make good decisions–I swear.

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The Art of Sales & Follow Up:
For (introverted) Artists, Designers, and Crafters

Why selling and marketing are not evil trickery:

  • Why it’s not inappropriate or aggressive to promote your art business when speaking to other human beings
  • Why asking people if they want to buy something is not manipulation
  • What it means to “be in business” and why you aren’t co-opting your artistic self when you embrace that so you can be effective and comfortable marketing and selling your work

What You’ll Learn:

What You Need to Understand so You CAN market and sell your work.

  • Who’s your market?
  • Where are they?
  • What is unique about you and your work? What is your story?
  • Building relationships and the importance of building your list
  • Examples & Strategies of how to do it if you feel shy, weird, or just uncomfortable
  • Strategies for Staying in Touch because the fortune really is in the follow up!

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