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Every Friday for months I’ve been writing the 20 Minute Club Minutes–because using a timer for what I call the 20 Minute Technique can keep your creative momentum going in your busy, time-crunched life–20 minutes at a pop.

This week will be the last of the 20 Minute Club blog posts because I’ve decided to create an extra special “something” just for the 20 Minute Club–like an actual/virtual club! I hope to have it started by the new year.

In the meantime, just know I’ll be working furiously on a fun, cool way for you to connect with other busy, creative souls just like you who want their creativity to be as important as all the other parts of their lives.  And we’ll do it by supporting each others’ efforts to build a soul nourishing, mind-expanding creative momentum–20 Minutes at a time!


This Week with the Timer

Over the past 6-7 months, I’ve been working on transitioning my digital collages from small to big.

Lots of trial. Lots of error.

My initial small glass pieces were created using an unusual transfer method that I loved, but knew would be impossible to do really big–although I did keep trying to emulate the end result.

Big time-waster.

Which I only realized when my husband finally said to me, (after another disappointing attempt) “I think it’s a mistake to try to make them be the same as the small ones–make a new thing.”

OH. Yes, of course.

And once I truly did let go of wanting my collages to be the same only bigger, a new solution presented itself–quite quickly, I may add.

(See how the universe is? It’s so cooperative when you’re willing to listen.)

And now, the big ones are what they are–30″ x 40″ and laminated onto brushed metal with a sheer matte finish. Yay, sheer matte finish! I’m excited.

This picture shows one of my pieces, Tepotzlan, hanging in a room. What do you think?

The Waiting

During this problem solving period, I didn’t want to make any more digital collages because I knew the final scale and output “substrate” would have a big impact on what I created–so how could I create when I didn’t know those things?

But now I DO know those things, so I decided it was time to get back in the swing.

I used my timer and the 20 Minute Technique to start a new digital collage and I’m really liking how it’s working out. In fact, I think it’s almost done…although you and I both know how that last 10% of any project can take the longest!

I’ll keep you posted. :-)


Appreciating yourself is an important part of the 20 Minute Club because it helps you keep your creative momentum going.

Carving out the time to create is important of course, but it’s not enough. Getting (and eventually staying) on your own side is a critical factor for helping you take bigger risks with your work, get yourself out of a creative rut, or just enjoy the process more.

Taking the time to remember to appreciate yourself and all your efforts (big or small, creative or not) is a powerful way to make this happen.


Here are my five this week:

1. I appreciate my willingness to grow.

2. I appreciate my willingness to do hard things.

3. I appreciate my willingness to learn the difference between giving something time to work and changing it for the better.

4. I appreciate my desire to change family patterns that don’t work for me.

5. I appreciate my love of creating.

Your Turn

What did you create this week? Did you use a timer? How’d it go? Making any gifts? Please leave a comment, I love hearing from you!

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  1. Laura says:

    Wow, your large piece is gorgeous!

    And I love how when you were ready to receive ideas about a new way of doing things, the ideas were ready to present themselves. Fascinating.

    I also thought it was interesting how it was obvious to your husband that you should create a new thing, rather than trying to transfer the existing thing. It’s the kind of idea that seems obvious once you get it but is completely elusive until you get there. Also fascinating.

  2. Lunar Hine says:

    Tepotzian looks great – really modern and funky, but not too jagged to have around the house. Be proud.
    Sad these helpful emails will cease, but excited about the next thing.
    By the way, sometimes the most inspiring part of the email for me has been your self-appreciations. I think ‘Oh yes, I do that too and I never stop to appreciate it’!
    Thanks for all your work. It’s used and enjoyed all the way over here in Blighty.

  3. Sarah says:

    Thanks Lunar! I love hearing that the inspirations have been helpful! I think the new “thing” I’ve got cooking up for the 20 Minute Club will be even better/more helpful! And I’ll still be incorporating the 20 Minute club idea into my other posts because I so believe in it as a way to keep that creative momentum going! xo -S

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks Laura! And yes, whenever I “allow” and it all flows, I think, why don’t I just do that all the time? LOL–sometimes I wonder if it’s because it’s scary to have things be that easy…And yet, I also think that when you’re so close to something, it can be hard to see the obvious answer–that’s why it’s so helpful to have other people you trust to bounce things off of!

  5. Sarah,

    I just have to tell you what a blessing you have been and how much I love your attitude and your beautiful work. I am a beginner artist, however I am realizing now I have been an artist all my life I just wasn’t brave enough to believe it. I am a hair stylist by trade, I have also been a writer at one time I was being published weekly in our local small town paper. I even have a small stash of fan mail from that time.
    I guess I just wanted you to know that you have inspired me and that I am more brave for having met you.
    I created a small art studio in a storage room of my salon, I now spend several hours a week creating decoupaged glass vases and candle holders
    which I am selling in my salon. I have also started drawing and tomarrow will begin my first original mixed media collage!!
    I thank you for the 20 minute rule it works wonders, and I can’t wait to see what new something special you have planned. thank you again and have a blessed holiday season.
    Deb Dowell

  6. Sarah says:

    Wow, Deb. You really, really made my day. Thank you so much and it’s so exciting to hear about your artistic breakthroughs!

  7. Debera Dowell says:

    Your work is amazing!! I love your appreciation list !! Your 20 minute club has been inspiring, I can’t wait to see what your next something special is.
    Finding you has been a blessing and you have helped me to be brave, thank you so much!! hope your holiday season is truly blessed
    sincerely, Deb

  8. Debera Dowell says:

    O.K. I’m a dork, all new to this reply thing, I’m not a total nut just didn’t know how the reply field worked. LOL sorry for the repeat

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