Read what folks are saying who’ve made the Glitter Decoupage Ornaments:


Teacher Gifts & Quality Family Time

“I LOVE the ornament kits! My 5 year old daughter and I made all 6 in one kit after supper last evening. GORGEOUS! She said “Mom, I just love doing this project with you!” Needless to say, I felt the same way!

I am going to give several away to her teachers. It will be special to give them something beautiful that she made herself. And I am not kidding that she made hers completely HERSELF! Even with a few imperfections here and there (on both of ours) they look stunning.

I am a stressed out Doctor by day and after getting this kit, I am a total craft maniac-mom when I get home! It is so relaxing to do this project and spend great time with my little girl!” -Jamie Davis, MN


Looked So Great I Ordered More

“I made two of the ornaments in my first kit today, they looked so great I ordered more because I thought of a few folks I could sent them to as gifts. I enjoyed making them! (P.S. My black kitten is glittery tonight!)” -Christy Carlson, CA


Perfect for My Themed Christmas Tree

“I’ve got FOUR Christmas trees, and and the Bohemian Holiday ornaments fit the theme of my latest tree perfectly! I’m not super crafty, but after watching the video, I could see that I could do it–and I was right! Now I want to make some with my niece and nephew–thanks, Sarah!” -Tracy Harris, FL


Easy & I’m not Crafty

“From the clear instructions to the online video, the ornaments were not only fun to make…but easy!  I’m not exactly a crafty person, but I’d recommend these kits to anyone from a beginner like myself to a more advance crafter–they’re perfect for anyone who wants to create truly pretty, unique ornaments”. -Katie Sutherland, NYC