Opening and Closing a Jump Ring


A great jewelry-making basic is how to correctly open and close a jump ring. It’s important because when you do it correctly, your beading projects are stronger and are less likely to break. They will also look more professional.

This video shows you how to use jewelry pliers to correctly open a jump ring. I am using my old pliers so you can see that your tools don’t have to look fancy to do the job.

One thing I didn’t emphasize in the video is that you don’t have to open the jump ring very wide–just enough to slip on your beads or connectors. The less your jump ring is distorted, the better.

Happy viewing and write to me in the comments section if you have any questions!


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  1. I have been doing this all wrong! Thanks for the video!

    Tiff A.K.A Dogwood Lane

  2. Sarah says:

    So glad it helped!! Happy Beading!

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