Naming Contest!


So normally I’d be writing the 20 Minute Club minutes here and you’d be seeing this blog post tomorrow, but it’s a long holiday weekend coming up and I’ve decided to break with tradition because well, I’m stuck and I need some help from you!

What’s in a Name?

This summer I’ve been creating how-to videos for my 3 holiday ornament kits and I’m almost done with my latest here on the left.

(I know the holidays seem far away, but people who make their gifts need more time to plan them and get them done than people who buy their gifts.)

I love this ornament and always call it the Faberge Egg Ornament Kit in my head, but I just realized that I can’t actually name it that because well, Faberge is taken.

However, I can’t get that one out of my head, and all the new names I’ve come up with so far….stink.

This is a problem because I need to finish the how-to video by like, yesterday, and it needs a name for me to finish it.

This is where you come in.

Naming Contest!

I’m having one. Starting right now!

I’m so excited, I’ve never held a contest before.

The winner gets a single-color 3 ornament kit as the prize. (That’s a $47.00 value!)

(Or, if you like my Glitter Decoupage Kit better, you can choose one of those instead.)

All you have to do think up a fabulous name or three and leave me a comment telling me your suggestion(s).

(Or, if you’re shy about leaving comments, you can shoot me an email.)

Because I need to get this how-to video done already, the contest will only last for one week.

All suggestions must be submitted by Thursday, September 9th by 5pm!

I can’t wait to see your ideas!

P.S. I realize I wasn’t very clear–I don’ actually want to use the word “egg”  in the name here–the reason I thought of Faberge Eggs initially was  just that they are all glammed up and glittery and I made them to look like they could open which reminded me of Faberge Eggs. I was more taken with the word Faberge. ;-)

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  1. Greta says:

    Name for … ;


    or maybe;


    Have a great time with finding a new name and great working ideas for future.


  2. Romilly says:

    Gilded Marquise Drops

    Imperial Treasure Ornaments

    (and just a historical geeky 18th century historic note: the marquise cut diamond is said to have been designed to match the shape of the Marquise de Pompadour’s mouth… the wide Champagne glasses patterned after… a different part of her anatomy).

  3. Sue Connors says:

    “The Tsarina’s Tree Treasure’s.”

    LOve thE Ornaments.
    They look stunning.:)

  4. Robin Klein says:

    I like Persian boxes.

  5. Joy V says:

    Fabajay Jewels; or Fabajay Gems; or the one I like best is Royal Faberjay Gems. Hope you find a winner amongst all the suggestions..Joy

  6. Lhia says:

    Wee three ornaments…
    Three wee ornaments…

  7. Danielle says:

    Christmas Tree Bling
    Frankinsense and Myrrh-E Christmas Ornaments
    Merry Prisms Ornaments

  8. Terry says:

    Beautiful Byzantine Baubles

  9. Joan Sheridan says:

    All that glitters holiday ornaments

  10. Sue Cole says:

    Renaissance treasures or Hidden Jewels or victorian treasures?

  11. Maja Lazarevic says:

    Sarahberge (or Saberge )Egg Ornament Kit.
    If you think of it as Faberge,and Faberge is taken….;-)

  12. Maja Lazarevic says:

    And, you can just remove “egg”, and save it for Eaester! ( I just read P.S. )
    Good luck!

  13. Linda says:

    they look medevil- so I would say Knight’s Castle eggs

  14. Crystal says:

    Tree jewels.
    Jewel toned ornaments by Sara.
    Atelier treasured ornaments

  15. and the winner is………………………………….?

  16. Sarah says:

    Well, I really appreciate all the submissions –big, big thanks to everyone who submitted such a fun range of ideas.

    I must say that it was a hard choice for me and I’ve been hemming and hawing since the end of the contest at 5pm.

    But, I’ve decided to go with….”Byzantine Baubles” from Terry Christens!

    Congratulations and thanks Terry for a great name. :-)

    Big Hugs, Sarah

  17. Anna Giselle says:

    Muito lindo o seu trabalho amei tudo aqui no seu espaço virtual!!!!!!parabéns

  18. Sooz says:

    Czarina’s Secret Lanterns

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