Make Art This September 11th


This Sunday is the 10th anniversary of September 11th.

Come create with me.

I am officially inviting you to come make collages with me Sunday, September 11th at 3pm EDT when I run this month’s Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-Class.

Whether you’d like to create a collage that commemorates our country’s victims and heroes, reflect on your own experiences from that terrible day, or if you’d just like to honor life by doing something positive, uplifting, and life-affirming, The Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-Class allows it all.

I teach the class using a simple but powerful technique that guides and supports you through creating several collages while simultaneously freeing you to express yourself and experiment however you wish.

This tele-class gives you complete privacy (we’re on the phone) and helps you focus on your own artistic voice–not mine. It lets you play, try something new, and just re-connect to your creative self–it’s as simple as that.

And if you’d like to take the class for FREE, you just need to subscribe to my email newsletter.

You can do that by going to and filling out the sign up form in the top right corner.

Once you’ve done that and you receive your coupon code (check your spam folder if you don’t get it very soon after signing up), just visit this page to sign up for the class:

If you want to get a little more info about how it all works, click on the 2 links below:

Once again, just click here to join me this Sunday, September 11th at 3pm EDT to create and connect.

Hope to see you there.

Hugs, -Sarah

P.S. And please pass this invitation to anyone else you think would like to make art together this coming Sunday, September 11, 2011 by tweeting this URL, sharing this page as a link on Facebook, or forwarding this email. Thank you!

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