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Every Friday I write the 20 Minute Club Minutes–because using a timer for what I call the 20 Minute Technique can keep your creative momentum going in your busy, time-crunched life–20 minutes at a pop.

Please join in and share your 20 Minute Experiences in the Comments–good/bad, it’s all fair game, because sharing your experiences about the process is a great way to figure things out and increase your creativity.


Okay, so not a lot of artmaking got done this week for me, but important finishing steps were taken in several projects–most of which involved framing a few favorite collages from the Creative Breakthroughs Tele-class.

I’m bad about taking that last step of framing something, but it’s so important.

It not only honors your process and creates a sense of completion, but it gives your work room to breathe without having to compete with everything around it.

It can also be very validating because (on one level) it’s about respecting your work.

If you’ve never framed anything, you should, just to experience that process.

Because deciding yourself that a piece you made is good enough to be framed is honoring yourself as an artist or crafter and it changes how you perceive yourself.

This is important.

And you can keep it simple and cheap if you need to–I used a coupon for a local big box store that made my frame half price, and I used a gallery mat that I had bought online.

It made me happy to frame and hang work in my home that I made while teaching The Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-class instead of leaving it sitting in a pile in my studio.

How about you–do you have something to frame?

If you’re not sure, just buy yourself a mat or two and lay them on top of your work–I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.


Appreciating yourself is an important part of the 20 Minute Club because it helps you keep your creative momentum going.

Carving out the time to create is important of course, but it’s not enough. Getting (and eventually staying) on your own side is a critical factor for helping you take bigger risks with your work, get yourself out of a creative rut, or just enjoy the process more.

Taking the time to remember to appreciate yourself and all your efforts (big or small, creative or not) is a powerful way to make this happen.


Here are my five self-appreciations for this week:

1. I appreciate that I framed several pieces for all the reasons I mentioned above in the 20 minute club minutes.

2. I appreciate that I’m getting more comfortable seeing myself on video and that I kept practicing through the discomfort and weirdness of it all so that I could create more value for my website (coming soon!).

3. I appreciate that I plowed through my usual doubt and knack for complicating decisions and plunked down my money for the next step in my making my digital collages larger, much larger. I should get my latest sample next week!

4. I appreciate that I am THIS close to having my next big project live on my site.

5. I appreciate every time I feel present-in-the-now instead of lost in all my thoughts and stories about my life. It may be milli-seconds, but it’s more than it used to be.

Your Turn

How was your creative week? Do you frame your work or do you want to? Do you wish you had work to frame? (Sign up for a Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-class and soon you will!). Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

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