Every Friday I write the 20 Minute Club Minutes–because using a timer for what I call the 20 Minute Technique can keep your creative momentum going in your busy, time-crunched life–20 minutes at a pop.

Please join in and share your 20 Minute Experiences in the Comments–good/bad, it’s all fair game, because sharing your experiences about the process is a great way to figure things out and increase your creativity.


My creative momentum has once again been saved in an otherwise overwhelming week by long and short visits with my collages (in their various states of “almost-done”) from The Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-class.

With a an interesting “aha” thrown in here and there.

Because at the beginning of every tele-class, I lead us through a short, guided meditation to transition into our artist selves and to create the opportunity to ground our collages in this particular moment in our lives.

Which we do by revisiting our day as color, shape, image and word.

My word this week was Infinity.

I’m almost always surprised by the word I receive in the meditation and this week was no exception.

I couldn’t really imagine how that giant word was going to find its way into my collage, but as I continued to work on this one yesterday after class, I realized “Oh, this piece is really about death.” And fear of death.

Ah yes, the Big Infinity.


These meditations at the beginning of class always open a door like this for me. Even when my conscious mind has no idea what’s going on.

It’s such a simple but powerful way to connect my creative activities with my personal life and experiences more consciously and directly–I love it.

And it brings forward potential themes to further explore artistically–for some people on the calls, it’s really opened up exciting new directions in their work.

I think that’s because the meditations help re-assert one of the important roles of creativity itself–making sense of your life and connecting yourself to the universal human experience.

Now, you might not think you have big themes or rich ideas to express and explore this way.

But that’s not true. Those ideas and experiences are there, they’re just un-named and untapped.

And your medium doesn’t matter either–you can explore ideas, feelings and experiences by knitting a sweater just as powerfully as creating a painting or collage.

And relating to this depth and richness is always available to us to whatever degree we’re ready for it. So it never has to be overwhelming or too much.

And the more you connect, the more you realize the endless richness of it all.

That’s what’s so exciting about it.


Appreciating yourself is an important part of the 20 Minute Club because it helps you keep your creative momentum going.

Carving out the time to create is important of course, but it’s not enough. Getting (and eventually staying) on your own side is a critical factor for helping you take bigger risks with your work, get yourself out of a creative rut, or just enjoy the process more.

Taking the time to remember to appreciate yourself and all your efforts (big or small, creative or not) is a powerful way to make this happen.

Here are my five self-appreciations for this week:

1. I appreciate that I finally finished my video for my Byzantine Baubles Ornament kit–yay! That was a HUGE effort to get done Huge.

2.  I appreciate that I did almost all the other work involved in getting that kit out to the world, where it belongs.

3. I appreciate that I gave myself a break afterward–a mini reprieve where I managed to not expect myself to keep working working working when I wasn’t going to anyway because that’s what happens when you finish a big project.

4. I appreciate how much cooking I’ve been doing this week (not my favorite activity) because I’m trying to rearrange my relationship to said activity…not sure if it’s working, but I’ll keep you posted.

5. I appreciate that I also prepped dough to make my own bread! I did spill a little yeast, and I haven’t baked it yet, but I’m very excited. :-)

Your Turn

How was your creative week? Are you using your timer? Still thinking about getting one? Have you ever used meditation in connection with your creating? Would you like to? Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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