In the Mood-or Not


If you’ve gotten your FREE coupon for the Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-class, but haven’t used it yet, I just want to remind you that you don’t have to wait until you’re in the “right mood” orĀ  “feel ready” to jump in and take your class.

Because if you’re feeling stuck or it’s been a long time since you made anything, you probably aren’t going to suddenly “feel ready” anyway–and that’s okay.

Conversely, you might feel like you’re “in the mood” and have lots of cool ideas often–but not when it’s convenient to create.

And in those moments, you might also feel certain that later you’ll definitely create what’s in your head right now, because you feel so darn in-the-mood and ready right now, you can’t imagine not feeling in-the-mood and ready later.

But then later comes, and that “ready” feeling is gone and nothing gets made. And that can feel frustrating.

But this “feeling-ready-at-the-wrong-time” thing happens partly because it feels safe to be “ready” at those wrong times because, well, it’s the wrong time.

When you’re feeling stuck, the scared part of your brain (that wants to protect you) lets you feel “ready” in those oddball moments because it knows it’s safe to do that because nothing can actually happen right then.

So it keeps things safe by keeping things hypothetical. To make matters worse, it also likes to make sure that you think you’re “not in the mood” or are “too tired” when you do have time to create, so that things remain safe and hypothetical.

And to top it all off, it also makes sure that you love that cool, buzzy feeling you get when you’re in the mood or feel-ready-to create-but-can’t, in order to trick you into thinking that you must wait for that feeling again before you can get started.

See how your brain is? Such a slippery little she-devil! How do we outsmart that little vixen?


The truth of the matter is that your mood really has nothing to do with your creativity.

I learned this when I was designing products for a living, Your job as a designer is to create day in and day out–no one cares what your mood is or how ready you feel.

(Except for the fact that everyone else in the company thinks the entire design department is moody and hypersensitive, which is usually true. :-) )

But moody or not, they still expect you to meet deadlines, so you do.

And when you do, you learn that your creativity and your moods don’t really have much to do with each other.

This revelation is very liberating.

Because if you want to wedge some artmaking into your busy life, chances are high that you might not be in the mood when the available time actually arises.

Maybe it’s after work when you’re very tired (and not in the mood). Or maybe it’s before work when you’re very tired (and not in the mood) . You get my drift.

But here’s the secret–the thing that will put you in the mood to create is……creating.

So if you set your timer for 20 minutes in those “not ready” times and promise yourself you can stop as soon as it dings, you might find that your mood has actually shifted in that short space of time–and you’re actually feeling a little more energized and arty–more like your real self.

You know, the one that gets buried beneath the gigantic to-do list of your life.

Which is also why you don’t have to wait to be “in the mood” or “ready” to take your free Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-class.

It’s okay to come crashing in at the last second unsure if you have all the supplies that you need, filling your water container with one hand as you shove the headset plug into your phone at 7:30 and a half with the other with no idea how class is going to play out.

Because the rest of us are doing the same!

That’s why I have a nice guided meditation at the beginning of the call to help us transition from the crazy-busy-ness of our overstuffed routines and turn to the illogical, mysterious act of creating.

After that, the technique pulls you through and 90 minutes of creativity fly by.


It’s simple structured actions like these that make it possible to build a creative momentum and start making art regularly.

And when you find out that you can change your mood simply by engaging in the activities that nourish your soul and make you feel connected to the world, well, then lookout!

You’re no longer at the mercy of those moods.

You realize your creativity can be unleashed anytime.

Now you’re a little bit…..dangerous…because you’re a lot more FREE.

And how cool is that?

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