How It All Works

aboutyou-daisyIf you’re reading this page, chances are high that

You wish you could start creating (again) OR you’d like to go deeper/get bolder with your work, really develop your voice, take chances, and feel confident in your work

OR, you’re trying to make a living selling what you make and finding it hard hard hard.

Whether you are really wanting to find the time and energy to create again or sell what you make, 3 important things are REQUIRED for you to succeed:

  • Structure
  • Support
  • Commitment (to yourself).

These three things help you build and sustain a critical feature of making your artistic dreams come true–whether to build a flowing creative momentum or a flowing selling momentum.

Building and sustaining a creative momentum is what you need if you want art and creativity to be a part of your everyday life. To be an artist, even if you do something else for money. (Just because you might have to make your living some other way, it doesn’t mean that this artistic, creative, essential core of yourself must be sidelined or marginalized.)

Learning how to be a business person in addition to being an artist is what you need to sell your work.

Either way, I can help you make it happen.

Structured Support

Everything I choose to offer here on my site is designed to provide you with this crucial structured support so you don’t have to feel like your flapping in the wind on your own trying to get back to your creative self.

And when you feel the relief of support, it’s easier to start working on your self-confidence and to start seeing the belief patterns that keep you down, make you doubt yourself and your skills, or succumb to your inner critic.

As part of that process, every Make Great Stuff blog post is dedicated to helping you start creating again with a combination of concrete tips and ideas and explorations of the heavy feelings and confusing emotions that can come up when we dare to create.

I also recommend that you buy a timer and start using my 20 Minute Technique. It’s THE way to start building a real creative momentum–it’s a do-able, real world method of helping you insert and assert your creativity into your already insanely busy schedule.

It’s also a fabulous way to make yourself do hard/weird/awkward selling stuff that you’d really prefer to avoid. I use the 20 Minute Technique for both all the time and IT WORKS!

I also offer 2 practical, supportive 1-1 coaching programs to address the 2 main  issues Make Great Stuff readers care most about:

  • Creativity Coaching: focused, custom coaching to free you with support and systems to make the art you were born to make so you can live your life as the artist you are
  • Art Business Coaching: The Art of Selling Your Art–so you can sell you work with confidence, clarity and integrity.

More cool tele-classes and e-courses like this are in the works–practical, concrete pathways to being creative in the busy life you have right now.

In addition, I offer a several different kits and videos that are designed to boost your confidence, teach you something new, and get you excited to be creating more often.

All of these things combined will help you bring this essential aspect of yourself back into your daily life again. And your self-confidence will increase and you’ll feel more connected to yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

What Should I Do Next?

  • Sign up for my newsletter and download your free copy of Jumpstart Your Creativity and start making artwork again right away!
  • Get Coached. I’m affordable, really good at helping you figure out how to move forward, and focused one-one attention can really catapult you forward.
  • Sign up for my classes. (Coming soon.)

Have Faith

I know you can do it. I know you can get back to your creative self and get bolder with your work.

I know you can weave your creativity back into your current routine and start living your life as the artist you are.

It might feel like an impossible dream, but it’s not. And I can help you.

It’s going to be fun.

Thanks for coming, I’m glad you’re here!