Creativity Coaching

Sign up for one of these powerful, effective creativity coaching programs if you are ready to:

  1. Learn valuable techniques for making room for creativity in your life.
  2. Figure out what holds you back creatively and how to overcome your obstacles.
  3. Make effective short term and long term goals for your creativity to give it an energizing purpose and direction that catapults you forward.
  4. Make work that excites you.
  5. Improve your relationships as you reconnect with your essential self and become more open, free, and receptive to possibilities.
  6. Learn concrete methods for building a sustainable creative momentum so that your  creativity becomes and remains a priority in your life.
  7. Get over your fears of making “bad” work so you can joyfully sink into the creative process and get super productive at the same time!
  8. Get more focused as an artist through receiving supportive, insightful, knowledgeable feedback on work you’ve created or are working on during the coaching sessions.
  9. Feel more relaxed, calm and joyful in all aspects of your life by making this important shift toward honoring your true, creative self fully.
  10. Truly begin to see the depth of your own artistic possibilities as you commit to engaging with the world through your creativity.

The Programs

Building a Joyful, Focused Creative Momentum: 1-6 sessions
Creativity Coaching for Overextended Women Interested in Everything
I know girl, it’s all completely interesting! You love taking classes and you’ve dabbled for ages. You’re super busy but after each class, you are so excited and think, this is it, I love this technique and I’m gonna get some stuff DONE!  But a few weeks go by and it’s hard even to remember what you learned, a few weeks later you’re back to square one. We’re going to figure out what you want to make, how to get past dabbling, and dig deeper for some serious fulfillment.
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Rich Rewards for Round 2: 1-12 sessions
Coaching for Retired Creatives Ready to Start Your 2nd Life Doing What You Really Want
It’s never too late to live your life as the artist you are. And in some ways, you’re better prepared than ever. Clear and ready. Excited and no longer worried about what other people think. Fantastic. We’ll figure out what you want to make, how to get started, how to build a momentum, and we’ll track your progress and hone as we go. (And if you already know what you want to do, but have never had the time to dedicate to it ’til now, even better–we’ll get you rocketing forward in no time!
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Honoring Your Whole Self 1-12 sessions
Creativity Coaching for Busy Professionals who have a creative project inside them waiting to get out.
You’ve had this idea forever and you love it, but it exists in a vacuum because the rest of your life is busy with other commitments that have nothing to do with this idea. It’s hard to make a place for it. I can help you through this. We’ll come up with strategies for carving out the time to work on it, define the parameters, and build an action plan that’s realistic. I’ll help you work through common obstacles that stop most folks when they are on their own.
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Getting Unstuck: Jumpstarting Your Particular Creativity (1-4 sessions)
You want to make stuff, but it never seems to happen and frankly, you’re so bummed out about it.
Why? A million reasons, the same million reasons as always and frankly, you’re bored and tired of these reasons and wish they’d just go away.

You read the fabulous Make Great Stuff newsletter and blog posts and feel inspired, but still, you’d like to work together 1-1 to stop just reading and start making. Cool. We talk about you, your particular situation, and REAL-WORLD, do-able tips and tricks for busy people with lots of commitments that I promise will work for you if you do them. Add to Cart

The Fine Art of Finishing What You Start (1-4 sessions)
You start things, but you’re surrounded by unfinished projects.
This is a big issue for a lot of people, so I decided to offer a 1-1 coaching session about it.We’ll talk about your projects, where you tend to get stuck and why.We’ll consider your space and what changes would remove obstacles to getting your work all-the-way done.Our discussions will bring awareness to your patterns so you can recognize them when they crop up to sabotage you which in turn will allow you to not get bamboozled and to really finish.
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Heart-Based Critique (1-2 sessions)
It can be hard to create in a vacuum. You might be feeling stuck, or you’re trying something new that you’re not sure about or you’d like a fresh eye to provide a serious critique-of what you are creating and have a thoughtful conversation about the work you’re creating.
I won’t be talking about liking or not liking your work in this session. And whether or not I “like” your work or think it’s “good” is basically irrelevant to me. It’s about looking at your work, asking you want you are wanting it to “do” and talking about that. Some of the things I’ll be considering is “is this work doing for me as the viewer what this artist wants it to?” What changes/adaptations/direction could this artist consider to get the work where he/she wants it to go?”  ”What do I see here that might be valuable for this artist to consider in general for her/his artmaking?”
It’s super important to me to be respectful of your work but this critiquing session is not for everyone because it’s not about saying everything you make is great.  Sometimes that is hard to hear or things are tender and not ready for prime time. Basically, during these critiques, I’m not thinking in terms of good/bad, I”m just thinking, how can I help this person get where they want to go?
I must say that I LOVE to look at people’s work and I’ve got a great knack for knowing where you may want to go with something you are working on. I want you to feel excited and energized at the end of this session.
(If you live in the NYC Metro area I can meet you in person or you can send me images of your work.)
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