The Creative Breakthroughs Technique

A Collage Tele-class!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. We’re now making art over the phone…and it totally works!

This 90 minute Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-class is a fabulous way to HAVE FUN, connect with your creative self, or break out of a creative rut.

It’s a practical solution for carving out real time in your busy life for your creativity–without having to leave the house or find a babysitter.

And you don’t need to feel “ready,” have ideas, or be experienced because this simple but effective technique guides and supports you through creating several collages while simultaneously freeing you to express yourself and experiment.

And now you can experience your first class FREE and find out why you’ll want to make this tele-class a regular part of your  life! (Watch the Video.)

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What Past Attendees are Saying: Excitement and Inspiration
“I love spending time with artists whether in a class I’m taking, a class I’m teaching or most any other setting with artists because the energy is electric and the energy alone can inspire. That is exactly what happened in this tele-class. The prompts were an opening to what could be and the questions and suggestions added to all the excitement and inspiration. After people that were in that class shared their work, it was even more mind blowing!” -Darlene Wilkinson,

Your Own Creative Wisdom

What’s great about this class is that you don’t just copy a technique, make something nice, but secretly still doubt your own skills.

Instead, the technique itself helps you re-connect toyour own creativity (again) and find your own artistic voice (again).

I mean, there’s no point in copying me and finding myvoice for goodness sakes.

What was it Oscar Wilde used to say… “You might as well be yourself, everyone else is taken…”?

This class is all about that.

And because you can’t see anyone else’s work during class (we’re on the phone), you can’t compare yourself to other people and decide you don’t measure up.

Not being able to compare yourself as you work gives you a chance to listen to your own artistic heart, increase your self-confidence, and begin to more fully express your own true, unique artistic vision.

So. Important.

It also means that you get lots of privacy to take artistic risks or try something new.

Sometimes that means you create something fabulous, other times that means you experiment and learn and move forward.

Either way you win because you’re being creative, connecting to an essential part of yourself and making space for your artistic self.

And did I mention how much FUN you’ll have? Because you will. Oodles of fun. And isn’t that great to remember–that you create because it’s FUN!

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What Past Attendees are Saying: Great Chance to Safely Take Risks
I really had a ball with the class, which is unusual for me. I’m a solitary worker and seldom take classes because I become easily distracted so this was just THE BEST. I work slowly so being guided to move forward was a great benefit for me. Your teaching style is very good–open, friendly, easy to understand. I think even for an inexperienced artist, it would still be fine.

I would also encourage people to take the chance to work outside their comfort zone since they’re creating in their own home. The tele-class setup provides the perfect opportunity to do that and not feel competitive. I knew I would be making art completely different from my normal style and that is a perk!

Last night was a blast—I still love my art today! (and that is not always the case…..HA!)” -Anne Huskey Lockard,

How It Works

The entire conference call is about 90 minutes long–give or take a few minutes–and it flies by.

At the beginning of class, you call into the conference call number, dial in a pin code that I’ll send you and then we all say a quick hello while everyone joins in.

After that, I start the class by doing a very short guided meditation to help transition everyone from the busy-ness of their day to their art making selves.

We do this by using a simple meditation technique that helps you access interesting and personally significant information stored in your heart that can guide or inform your art-making for the evening and connect your creativity to the rest of your life.

Participants generally finds this to be a nice, grounding experience that opens up their ideas about their art and what they can get out of the creative experience itself.

(Airy-fairy meditation not your thing? No probs–feel free to ignore it….it’s short, and I’ll never know anyway because it’s all happening over the phone!)

After the meditation, we start working on our collages. (I say collages, plural, because I recommend that you work on 2 or 3 pieces at once. This is a great way to take the pressure off your creativity, but is not a requirement. :-) )

I begin pulling techniques out of a hat and calling them out, at which point everyone just starts making. (That’s why you need a speaker phone or an earbud, your hands will be busy creating.)

As you begin to work, I explain and talk about different ways you could interpret the technique I just called out, offer suggestions of what you might try and work on my own collages using the technique as well.

All callers will be muted, which means you don’t have to hear someone else chewing or their dog barking or their kids whining. It also means you can talk to your spouse or your kids without worrying about interrupting or being overheard.

But when you have a question or comment, it’s easy to un-mute yourself and share.

About every 7 and a half minutes, I call out a new technique. About half way through, I do a check-in to see how everyone’s feeling. After a few folks share their experiences, we continue.

After about 7-8 techniques, I tell you we’re nearing the end and you can do any “finishing” or “fixing” that you’d like to do without having to use any particular technique.

At the end, we check in with each other briefly once again and then we’re done!

You can then feel free to share what you made in the Creative Breakthroughs Collage Tele-classFlickr group or not–it’s totally optional. So if you’re not ready to share, no problem!

I’ll do my best to respond to as many of the uploaded images as I can to help you welcome your creative spirit back into your life.

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What Past Attendees are Saying: Very Therapeutic
“You have a natural calm, even tone that is perfect for teaching. It’s authoritative but at the same time comforting. I loved the way you anticipated what we were experiencing and talked us through it. I also enjoyed your insights and asides. This was very therapeutic–I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would!
Judy Tashji, NYC


Sounds Good, What do I Need?

  • You need a land line with a speaker option or ear bud or a cell phone with an ear bud. (Cell phones on speaker seem less than ideal, but it varies with personal preference).
  • If you are in another country, SKYPE also works fine, you just need speakers or a wireless headset so you’re not attached to your computer by a tether–unless, of course, that works for you.
  • You need your supplies and your stash.
    I’ve created a suggested list of what you need and the places online where you can buy them. (*You definitely don’t need everything on the list, sometimes improvising is a great way to waken your creativity!)
  • You need a place to work. And maybe a glass of wine. :-)
  • And when you sign up, I’ll send you a conference phone number to call.

What Past Attendees are Saying: Loved the Ideas

“I really enjoyed the class–it made my afternoon! When you started off, you mentioned making 2-3 collages because “you will be less emotionally invested” –this may be the best advice anyone has ever given me! The explanations were great too–I really loved the ideas and prompts you gave. They kept me going.
I used a cell phone with a blue tooth attachment and I had no trouble hearing.  I was able to listen to my music which really did just fade into the background b/c I was much more interested in what you and the other participants had to say.”
Caroline Ouzts Hay,

The Nitty Gritty

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Why am I giving away such a huge value for FREE?

Because I believe after you’ve experienced it once, you’ll want to sign up for many more so that you can continue to:

  • Nourish your creative spirit
  • Enjoy the benefits of a creative community without leaving your house and
  • Experience the ginormous benefit of having a supportive system in place that helps you be your creative self every month.

So just put your name and email in the subscription box there on the top right of this page and you’ll get your free trial coupon.

It’s that easy!

I look forward to making art with you!

Currently, I usually offer this class the third Sunday of every month from 3:00-4:30pm EST (New York), but check below for exact times.

(Except for holidays, “right before” holidays, and if I go on vacation).

Here’s the list of dates for the rest of 2012:

  • Sunday,  09/23/12   3pm EST (New York)
  • Sunday,  10/21/12   3pm EST (New York)
  • Sunday,  11/18/12   3pm EST (New York)
  • Sunday,  12/16/12   1pm EST (New York)

(Convert to Your Time Zone)

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What Past Attendees are Saying: Took the Pressure Off Trying to Be Perfect
“Awesome class! The brainstorming suggestions were great, they allowed me to “just play”. I loved the pace of the class as well; there was enough time for each technique, but not too much time to get myself in trouble. Working on three collages at once took the pressure off of one having to be “perfect”. I worried that we would all end up making similar stuff, but all of my own pieces were so different, let alone anyone else’s!
I see that this type of thing could start to seem like therapy; I think it’s something a lot women would look forward to on a weekly basis.”
Andree Kehn, Maine Wedding Photographer

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