Ask Sarah

aboutyou-daisyAre you struggling with a project and want some help or feedback?

Are you working on selling what you make and have a question?

I can help!

If you’re writing in about a project, please send me pictures in addition to your question–and if it has a front and back, take more than one.
I know hundreds of techniques and if I can help you with your project, I’d love to. And if I can’t, I probably know someone who can.

If you have a question about selling what you make, send pics if they are relevant.

I’ll choose a question out of the ones that come in each week or so and we’ll set up a google+ video chat and figure it out and I’ll record abd share it with everyone else so they can learn to. In my experience, if I have a question or a problem, someone else probably also has that same problem.

Or, if you’re uncomfortable being on video with me, I’ll answer via video on my own.

So send those questions to and we’ll get you all sorted out!