Fun & Fabulous Classes

Each class is designed to help you move from imagining what you want to doing what you want so you can live your life as the artist you are. Choose the best program for you and let’s get started!

Metamorphosis: Become a Creative Powerhouse

You’re insanely busy. Or stuck. Or so rusty you can’t even face it. No worries. These classes are simple, practical and tested. I guarantee, if you actually do them, you’ll make work.  A lot of it. Isn’t it time you started creating the work you were born to make? Take these classes if you need any of the following:

  • Structured Support–You Don’t Need to Go it Alone
  • Tools for Getting Unstuck and Staying that Way
  • A Simple Supportive System that you can actually integrate into your busy life so you can make your art regularly, build a body of work, or develop your signature style
  • Connection to other Arty Types–A community for you to be inspired by, get feedback from, and lean on.
  • The Ability to Finally Dig Deeper with your work–to move away from just dabbling to the heart of the matter.

Click HERE to take a class on making your fabulous stuff.

Selling Your Art without Angst

Selling your art or design work can be…..intense. Hard. Scary. Don’t I know it baby. But whether you’re considering selling your art or you are selling your art, I’ve been there and I can help.

These classes and (upcoming) recorded webinars are all about arming you with strategies so you can succeed selling your work. Take these classes if you need help with any of the following:

  • Pricing
  • Building an affordable web presence that you control.
  • Learning Business Basics like figuring out cost of goods, design time, profit, breaking even, etc.
  • Creating a pipeline–if you said “a what?” you need this.
  • Networking, Follow Up, and list building.
  • Creating Collections or a Body of Work.

Click HERE to take a class on selling your art/design/craft.