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Too Many Supplies?

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pastelsSo we all know that situation of buying supplies we don’t use and feeling bad about it.

And frankly, I think it happens for a number of reasons–one, of course, is that it’s like the honeymoon period for a project when everything is still lovely and perfect (because we haven’t made it yet). The idea we have in our mind’s eye looks wonderful, and the supplies are the exciting first date–full of romantic possibilities.

And then of course, if we start trying to actually make what we’ve imagined, it stops being like a first date fast and becomes more like a long term relationship–you have to try hard, it’s not exactly how you fantasized at the beginning, and if you want it to work, you have to stick around and pay attention and love it even when it’s snoring on the couch not doing what it said it would–or what you thought it said it would. :-)

But enough with the metaphors! There’s another really important reason that I’m sure you’re not telling yourself. But you should consider it, because really, it’s much nicer, just as true as all the other reasons, and more important. Read More→

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Free Yourself from the Square

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scrapsofpaperBe forewarned–some might call this a blog post, some might call it a rant. Well, just a little rant.

About scrapbook paper, of all things.

Hip to Be Square?

What is the origin, do you think, of the 12″ x 12″ standard size for scrapbook paper? It must have been existing albums that dictated that size at the beginning of this scrapbooking craze,’ lo those many years ago now. But who uses an album anymore?

If you didn’t go to art school, (or maybe even if you did) nobody told you that it’s harder to create an effective composition in a square, because it’s so darn STATIC. Which is why all the graphic design professionals (who did go to art school) who create the gorgeous layouts you see in all the scrapbooking magazines basically break that 12″ x 12″ square up into rectangles.

And that’s cool, because it works.

But I say, unshackle yourself from 12″ x 12.” From now on, you call the shots on size. Read More→

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Bead Buying Tips–Part III

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Today’s post is a continuation of my previous posts about basic bead types, (Bead Buying Tips I and Bead Buying Tips II ) why and when you might need them, and some links to several online resources.

So, where was I? Oh yes, that’s right–I was planning to wax on about the wonderfulness of  spacer beads, so let me get right on that.

The Wonderfulness of Spacer Beads

It’s important to own a variety of “spacer” beads. Spacer beads are small or flat(ish) beads that you put in between your larger beads to create “visual interest”. (Warning: “visual interest” is a big phrase of mine…) Seriously, using spacer beads will make your projects look more sophisticated and professional (because of the aforementioned “visual interest”) and besides that, they’re fun. Spacer beads are often metal, but really, you can use any small bead as a spacer.

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Beads: Buying Tips Part II

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beadbuyingtips2A Fabulous Ensemble Cast

If you don’t already, one day, you’ll have a bead collection that’s a fabulous ensemble cast, with you as the director arranging them into wonderful and interesting combinations that are somehow greater than the sum of their parts.

In Beads: Buying Tips Part 1: I wrote about strategies for visiting the bead store without going broke. In this post and the next one (about beading, that is), I’m going to review several basic bead styles for folks who might be new to beading and provide a few links so you can see some examples and have somewhere to start if you need to buy your beads online.

Today’s post will focus on a few glass beads that I consider staples –beads I tend to use very often in my own projects–and my next post will focus on spacers, gemstones, and pendants. Read More→

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Paper Tips for Rice Paper Decoupage

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handmadepapersTips for choosing handmade or rice paper that will work for my Fast & Easy Rice Paper Decoupage Project:

~Choose a paper with an all-over repeat pattern because that will definitely work well when it’s torn up.

~A paper with a very large motif might be beautiful as a whole paper, but will probably be tough to use in this project because once you tear it up, the image might not have the same impact.

~Avoid papers where the motif is small and very spread out for the same reason as above–if you have too much negative space, you’ll have a lot of wasted paper when you tear it up.

~If you want to use several papers together in one project, you might want to avoid papers that are too high contrast in relation to each other–the combination could work out really well, but Read More→

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Findings: Basic Beading Supplies

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Findings, Components, and Supplies You Need to Start Beading

Pretty beads are only half the story when you want to create jewelry. Just as important are the bits that hold them together and they’re called findings or components. It’s always easier (especially at first) to see things in person when you buy them, so visit your local bead store if you have one-even Michael’s or AC Moore will do in a pinch. However, sometimes that isn’t possible, so I’ve armed you with lots of links on where to buy your findings online.


What the heck is a “finding” anyway? Findings are the parts that connect your beads together. These include ear wires, jump rings, head pins, eye pins, and clasps. This post is a great list of what you need to get yourself started.

Ear Wires

frenchhooksThere are hundreds of neat ear wires to choose from, but most are variations on three basic stylesLever Backed, French Hook, and Kidney–French Hooks are in the picture on the left here. These can be found at any store or online beading venue. Read More→

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The Four Must-Have Beading Tools

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And Where to Buy Them Online

beadingtools1You don’t need to spend a million dollars on your basic beading tool kit, but if you get the very cheapest, it’ll probably just make your life harder-especially if you’re just starting out.

You’ll see some cheap tools if you search on Google, but if they’re ridiculously cheap, they also might be ridiculously small, which can be hard to tell from a picture online.

I’m providing links for places that sell the tools I am suggesting, because I thought it would be a lot more helpful than just some vague recommendations. That said, I haven’t bought from all the retailers listed here–I just found them when I searched and their prices seemed fair.
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