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Free Yourself from the Square

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scrapsofpaperBe forewarned–some might call this a blog post, some might call it a rant. Well, just a little rant.

About scrapbook paper, of all things.

Hip to Be Square?

What is the origin, do you think, of the 12″ x 12″ standard size for scrapbook paper? It must have been existing albums that dictated that size at the beginning of this scrapbooking craze,’ lo those many years ago now. But who uses an album anymore?

If you didn’t go to art school, (or maybe even if you did) nobody told you that it’s harder to create an effective composition in a square, because it’s so darn STATIC. Which is why all the graphic design professionals (who did go to art school) who create the gorgeous layouts you see in all the scrapbooking magazines basically break that 12″ x 12″ square up into rectangles.

And that’s cool, because it works.

But I say, unshackle yourself from 12″ x 12.” From now on, you call the shots on size. Read More→

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