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Andree Kehn

This month’s Inspiring Creatives interview is with Andree Kehn, a smart, talented, and super successful wedding photographer living in rural Maine.

Andree went from resisting wedding photography as a career path altogether to being named one of the top 100 Wedding Photojournalists in the world by the Wedding Photojournalism Association (WPJA). Wow! Clearly, she has talent.

But before you get depressed and intimidated, one of the reasons I chose to interview Andree (aside from her being one of my favorite people) is that her path to success was a very long and windy one. So if you’re thinking it’s too late for your creative career, it’s not.

She shares some super inspiring insights into how she succeeded in business being her quirky artist self, her techniques for pushing herself creatively, and finding her niche within a niche.

The Interview

Here’s the interview–broken down by topic–plus a few images of Andree’s wonderful work. See more gorgeous photos in the gallery on her website,

And if you have a question for Andree (or just want to share), please ask it in the comments area and we’ll respond.

1. It’s Never Too Late:
From Carny to Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Click HERE to listen to this segment. (13 min. 13 sec.)
Find out how the years Andree thought were wasted in supposedly dead-end jobs ended up giving her incredible skills for wedding photography.

Sarah and JesseRachel and Dale maine-wedding56

2. Rebels as a Target Market

Click HERE to listen to this segment:
(5 min. 12 sec.)
Learn how Andree figured out who her right people were and how she helps them find her. (We also dig deeper into this topic in the segment called Her Smartest Move, so make sure to give that a listen too.)

3. Welcoming Criticism

Click HERE to listen to this segment.
(5 min. 55 sec.)
Andree shares fantastic insights about the power of welcoming criticism, making bad stuff, the illusion of perfection, and the truth of hard work vs. natural talent.

4. Creative Challenges

Click HERE to listen to this segment.
(3 min. 48 sec.)
Andree shares her favorite techniques for keeping it fresh and I was psyched because it’s one of my favorites too–even though it’s often frowned upon and misunderstood. Have a listen.

5. *Her Smartest Move*

Click HERE to listen to this segment.
(6 min. 6 sec.)
We talk more about how she embraced her super narrow niche-within-a-niche and the actions she takes to support that choice in her marketing. She offers some GREAT advice about how to do the same thing yourself and why it’s so important. If you can only listen to one segment, listen to this one!

AmyI’ve finally started my Inspiring Creatives Interview Series–conversations with creative souls I know and admire designed to help you succeed in your creative business or simply live your life as the artist you are. Or both. :-)

Today’s interview is with the super successful Amy Noelle from Sugar Flower Cake Shop in New York City.

Amy makes a fabulous living making gorgeous edible art–that is, special occasion and wedding cakes.

The images on this page are two of her cake designs–and note, every decoration on these cakes is handmade from sugar!

photo 3photo 1

I know those flowers might LOOK like she just plucked them from the garden. But they are all edible. All made by hand. All made of sugar. Crazy. (Crazy-Beautiful that is.)

Her work has been featured in STYLE Network, TV Land, Martha Stewart Weddings, and many more. To view more images of her handiwork, click here.

Amy is also a business woman extraordinaire, and she kindly shared her mistakes, her struggles and some wonderful wisdom about how she makes her creative business work.

The Entire Interview

You can listen to the whole interview by clicking here, or you can listen to individual topic segments–listed below.

Hear ‘em all or choose the topic you find most interesting or that touches on an area that you’re struggling with in your creative business.

Topic #1: Taking the Mental Leap: From Hobby to Business

Click here to listen to this segment: (3min:21sec)

Amy talks about how long she’s technically been in business, and how she switched from treating her business like a hobby to finally taking the plunge and going for it as a full-time gig.

A key take-away here is to remember the time-frame she mentions–no one is an overnight success. But it’s also interesting how certain mind shifts change everything.

Topic #2: The Emotional Roller Coaster Called Pricing

Click here to listen to this segment  (7min: 36sec)

Amy and I had a fantastic discussion about pricing–how to fix it when it’s wrong, how that might affect what you thought was your target market, and why it’s not as scary or confusing as it might seem after all.

It’s great to know that someone as successful as Amy made mistakes with her pricing and how she corrected it.

This was my favorite part of our discussion because it’s such a bugaboo for so many creatives.

If you’ve ever struggled with pricing, DEFINITELY listen to this section.

Topic #3 The Struggle for Balance and What it Means to Be Clear

Click here to listen to this segment (3min: 21sec)

Find out Amy’s biggest business challenge and how she handles it.

Topic #4: Solving the Delegation Struggle–Resistance, Systems, and Freedom

Click here to listen to this segment (5min: 45sec)

Amy shares her struggle with delegating, a great example of what she did to make it happen and why systems are critical to success. Hearing what she did to might surprise you–but you can do it too!

Topic #5: A Creative Challenge: Incorporating Client Feedback into Your Design

Click here to listen to this segment (2min: 45sec)

When you’re in business, your creative challenges are different than when you’re on your own. Find out how Amy handles it.

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