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Mark Your Calendar!

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Even though it’s been raining non stop in the NYC Metro area for the past three days, it still feels like Spring is on her way. What a great time to come out of hibernation and get those creative juices flowing again.

And I’ve got lots of ideas for how to do that–so break out your calendar, we’ve got some planning to do!

Come Have a Creative Breakthrough or Three

Friday, March 19th, is the last day to sign up for my March 26th Creative Breakthroughs Collage Workshop at the fabulous early bird price. So please, if you’re thinking about coming, make sure to sign up this week so you benefit from the special discount. (And if you bring a friend, the deal is even better!)

Watch the video and get all the details here.

The Chrysalis Project

I’ve also started another group to complement The Creative Breakthroughs Workshop which I’m super excited about.

I’m calling it The Chrysalis Project and it’s a great chance to make huge headway on your creative dreams and goals by receiving one-on-one coaching–centered on your creativity–in an intimate, 6-8 person creative mastermind group.

The first session is Sunday, April 18th. Read all about it here.

Right now I’m offering these workshops from my studio, but if you live outside of the NYC Metro area, no worries–online versions of both are on the way!(I’m so excited about this, I can’t even tell you..)

If you do live in the NYC Metro area, please join my new NJ/NY Creative Breakthroughs meetup to sign up, stay updated and make friends with other arty people all seeking Creative Breakthroughs as well. So far it’s an incredibly interesting and varied group of people who’ve joined. (And my easy-going Intro Meetup is tomorrow night–not too late to sign up!)

A Show–I’m Having One!

Yes, I’m having a show of my digital collages on glass at the incredibly hip, incredibly cute Made With Love Artisan Bakery & Cafe in Jersey City.

The opening is Saturday, April 3rd from 6-8pm and YOU are cordially invited.

There will be lots of yummy organic baked treats both savory and sweet, and Charles Ramsey, a wonderful classical guitarist, will be playing as well.

Here’s a video of him playing. Wow, right?

And if you’re wondering, the parking is quite reasonable and it’s easily accessible by bus or Path train (Grove Street Stop). (If you want better directions, just send me an email and I’ll get you the details!)

I would LOVE to see you there!

In the Meantime, the Big Print Giveth

And the small print taketh away. Which is my way (well Tom Waits‘ way) of saying I’ve got to get back to the madness of sorting out my taxes.

Gah! I’ve done nothing but sweat over my bookkeeping and receipts for the last two days, but I must confess that I’ve actually had an organizational epiphany or two about how I could make this less painful next year. Who’d a thunk it? My time management guru Cairene would be so proud.

How are your taxes going? Are you done yet? Any advice for your fellow arty types who dread this kind of thing?

And remember, if you need a break from the ugliness of taxes and accounting, please come to my opening on April 3rd, and/or support your creativity by signing up  for the March 26th Creative Breakthroughs Collage Workshop by this Friday, March 19th to get the early bird pricing.

I hope to see you there!

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Glitter Ornaments, Drawing Fun, Sewing Tidbits & More


Yes! The Telecrafting Teleseminar is next Wednesday, Dec. 16th  at 4pm. Whoa–time flies–Christmas is just around the corner! What does that mean for you?

It means that if you’d like to make a gift or two this year, and you’d like some support in the way of carving out a structured time to get it done, then you’ll need to order a Glitter Decoupage Ornament kit soon soon soon, now (ish), so I can assemble it, pack it and ship it out so you get it in time for our Dec. 16th rendezvous. I’m excited.

So, if you want to participate in the free conference call, you’ll need to order by this Saturday morning EST at the very very latest.

(Of course, you can always order the kits right up til Christmas day and make them whenever you’d like.)

Everything gets sent out priority mail, so if you live on the West Coast and you’d like to join in on the call, it might be better to order today, so I can get it out to you by Friday.


If you’re still on the fence, click here to read a couple-three testimonials from happy ornament kit crafters. I’ve gotten the nicest emails and Facebook & Twitter feedback–everyone seems to be having a really good time.

If you have any questions, btw, that you need answered before you can buy, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you asap.

Other Fun Stuff

Cool Drawing Warm Up/Loosening Up Exercise

I stumbled across this wonderful “artist warm up exercise” on and wanted to share. I think I’m going try this one out myself–it looks fun and is a great way to get jumpstarted. Click here to view. Read More→

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Letting Your Family Off the Hook

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The Many Faces of Feedback

I thought I’d continue to explore the nuances and perils of getting feedback (and the different ways it can manifest) because it brings up a lot of complicated feelings that can undermine our ability to protect ourselves in order to keep creating without getting discouraged.

(Or start creating again when it’s been a long time since we’d made anything.)

So today’s post is about the difficulty of getting unpleasant feedback from our families and loved ones, feeling unsupported, and what we might be able to do about that.

Feeling Exposed

The tricky thing about making anything visual is that your work process itself is visible to the people around you (as opposed to writing, for instance, where you can close your notebook or shut off your computer). Read More→

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Make Friends with Your Sewing Machine


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The other day, I went on a business forum I’m a member of, and I asked for some feedback on a few projects I’m working on. I got some. And then I was hurt and angry.

Hmm. As someone who has made her living designing things, I thought that I’d gotten good at asking for feedback only when I’m willing to hear whatever someone has to say. (When what you make is part of a business discussion, it can get a little callous, so it helps if you learn strategies for toughening up.)

So I clearly blew it this time, which I only  realized after I got feedback I didn’t want. AND, to make matters worse, I hid my hurt and displeasure and thanked them for their comments.

Oh brother.

And then I had a fight with my husband instead. Alas.

Because he basically said, “Who cares what they think?”

Well, it turns out I did. Too much. Read More→

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Make Friends with Your Sewing Machine

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So you might not know this about me, but I’m kind of “into” astrology and have had my chart done a few times.

Don’t confuse this with actually knowing about astrology–I can never remember the significance of this house or that, but I find it completely fascinating all the same, and I love getting my weekly reading from Rob Brezny’s Free Will Astrology, because it’s always right on, and his writing is so life-affirming and expansive.

I share this little personal factoid today because I’m thinking something is terribly “retrograde” in the stars this week (for just me or you too?), and it’s only Tuesday. Ugh. Read More→

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Make Friends with Your Sewing Machine


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In the Studio #3

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ornmnt-patchglitter-long-pm-winterwonderland2Kits Are Almost Done and the Glitter is Everywhere

My first set of holiday  kits–Patchwork Glitter Decoupage Ornaments are almost done–and I’m so excited. (When I start to see glitter on my husband’s face, I know things are reaching critical mass.)

On the left is a little glimpse of what’s in store, although it’s difficult to see the glistening crystal glitter finish on top that adds the special touch–I’m hoping the effect shows up more clearly in the upcoming how-to video as I demonstrate the before and after.

It’s basically a super high quality grown up glitter that works like magic fairy dust–transforming the decoupage from “nice” to “wow” in the final step. I think you’re going to love it.

I’ve also created 4 brand new papers to choose from, designed specifically for this technique: Read More→

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In the Studio #2

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bishopstocklogoSo I’ve been running around like a crazy woman this week getting ready for a show of my digital collage transfers at Bishop’s Stock Gallery on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Yesterday, I delivered my artwork and met with Ann Coates, the gallery owner. She’s so warm and easy to talk to, I immediately felt relaxed. Afterward though, I felt a little jellyfish-y in the arms–the exhausted-but-finished feeling that can come from an insanely overbooked September and the rush of meeting a deadline. Whew.

Fine Art Photography Woes

My goal making my digital collage transfers is to make each piece glow in the right lighting–which they pretty much do. Of course, the downside is that when a novice photographer (that means me) tries to take an accurate photo of a glowing thing, that glowing suddenly becomes a glaring. Alas.

Did I give up? Almost Heck no. I put on my big girl panties and kept snapping until I had fairly decent reproductions minus the glowing (mostly). But they still look better in person. Ah well, whaddya gonna do?

Share and Share Alike

All caveats aside however, and because I’m mostly braindead, busy choosing my outfit, still getting ready for the show, I thought I’d share a few images of my new work as well as provide a few links if you want to see more. Here are three: Read More→

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