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A Slightly Belated Holiday Card

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Between losing my purse (ugh with a capital U!) and getting caught up in holiday festivities–some of which included no internet access visiting the in-laws–I didn’t get my Christmas card blog post up on Christmas Eve.

So here it is, one of my handmade holiday cards for you, belatedly.

Happy Holidays!

Handmade Holiday Cards

I made this star card by combining a photo I took of my tree-topper with one of my own collages that I had scanned in Photoshop.

I then printed it onto Lazertran transfer decal paper, and used turpentine to kind of melt the decal into a square piece of baltic birch.

(I scored a big pile of these wood pieces from a friend who was throwing out his off-cuts from a woodworking project. Moral of the story–always carry a big bag–you never know what treasures you might get to bring home as a potential art supply!) Read More→

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inkjet transfer on woodDo you want to try Image Transfer techniques with your artwork or collages but feel kind of confused about all the varied information on the web?

I know the feeling. It’s hard to keep it all straight–when to use caulk or gel medium or just water, and then what kinds of prints to use with what transfer technique–black and white copiers vs. laser machines vs. inkjet.

A lot of information online is contradictory as well, and it seems rare that the products dedicated to image transfer actually do what they say they will.

A Good Place To Start

If you’ve never tried, or just never had any luck with image transfers, try an inkjet transparency transfer. Read More→