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I Felted. It Rocked.

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Why is making a felt rock weirdly fun and addictive? I don’t know and I just made seven of them. After a 4 hour drive in the rain. Why? Because it was the International Day of Felt and I promised.

Some things are hard to describe.

And now, I’m here to give you the low-down on the ins and outs of felt rock making. Extra tips above and beyond the video. And why you should try it. Because you want to know. No really, you do.

First Things Firstfeltrocksingarden

Even though I’ve done a lot of wet felting in my day, I’d never made a felt rock before, and my FB friend Terry Pike had a great video on how to do that very thing–so the first thing I did was re-watch the video.

I already had a stash of wool roving, so I was psyched to use it because I’d had it a long time and we all feel bad when we buy art supplies we haven’t used. I even had a bit of yellow, red, and orange roving, which was great, because those were the color parameters for the International Day of Felt, 2009. I mean, if I’m gonna participate, I might as well follow the rules. (Here are my red and yellow rocks on the right in my garden.) Read More→

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woolrovingTurns out that 2009 is the Year of Natural Fibers for the United Nations. Who knew?

And hang onto your (wooly) hats, because that’s not all. October 3rd is the International Day of Felt and as a lapsed art felter, I decided I better participate.

And I think you should too! In case you’ve never felted before, my cunning plan is perfect for you too because it’s small, fun, and a great first time felting project.
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Fashioning Felt

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The Cooper Hewitt Felt Show

I loved the felt show at the Cooper Hewitt–it was a great mix of art, design and craft. Here’s a  fun 30 second intro video from the museum to give you a glimpse of the variety of work on display (loved the “Swing Low” cradle by Ulrick Peterson shown at the end of the video):

Show Highlights

I really loved the show because it  was a great example of the sophisticated uses of felt old and new–it was my first chance, for instance, to see a traditional felted shepard’s cloak (a kepenek) up close–they are supposed to be unsurpassed for warmth and waterproof-ness (is that a word?) and I love how it’s such a simple, ancient garment/sleeping bag/personal tent combination.
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