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Two Chairs, One Postcard, Big Hurry

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Here’s another postcard I sent to a fellow member in my Postcard Exchange group. I think I overworked it a bit, and I thought it might be useful if I talked about that here.

I was trying to get it done too fast because I was down to the wire–we are supposed to get them out by the end of the month and I was teetering on the edge of being late.

The Process

I went through my drawings and bits,  scanned a drawing of a chair I had done and copied it. I added a third image to the background, resized to fit my postcard base, and printed it out. I then added a coffee cup stain (a recurring motif for me).

I stared at it for a while and it felt like something was missing. I thought, this is a postcard, I’ll add a message. So I took a part of one of my favorite Rumi poems (“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing/there is a field./I’ll meet you there”). I loooovvvve his poetry and would like to do a whole series of work based on those particular lines. I printed it out again. Read More→

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Spring Bouquet

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springbouquet-april09Postcard Exchange

A friend from art school started a Postcard Exchange group on Facebook and each month she draws a name for each member to send a postcard to. Everyone in the group has attended the same school (so far), but we all don’t know each other.

Spring Bouquet

I like to do 20 minute “blind” drawings in the evenings and this postcard is one of those that I scanned, scaled down, printed, and then finished with oil pastels. I sewed it to a little blue postcard (because I love stitches, they’re so emotional) and scanned it once again to document for myself and share with you. I’m always in a great mood when I make this kind of thing–like a mini creative high or something.

I love this kind of art-sharing and thought I’d share my postcards here with you as well. At some point I plan to create a Make Great Stuff handmade postcard exchange or art collaboration project. Let me know if this idea interests you (whenever it is you find yourself reading this post and thinking yeah, this idea interests me…).

Art Collaboration Round Robin

I have tried this remote art collaboration concept a few times and have learned that the hardest thing about doing it is keeping the momentum going. The Postcard Exchange works fairly well because we all have to get them in by the end of the month, but every month almost everyone is scrambling a bit to get them out on time. Busy lives.

So I think it could be fun to collaborate on pieces that are passed along much more quickly than monthly or when you’re somehow “done” with your contribution–once a week, for instance. Everyone in the “Round Robin” would start a piece and pass it along to the next person.And every Monday we’d all mail off the art-in-progress that’s in our possession to the next person, whether we managed to add any new mark(s) or not.

So even though it could seem harder to get something out the door more often, it’s the “or not” part that I think would help–it’s Monday, so you mail it. It’s okay whether you added anything to the piece or not. You looked at it, and you’re part of the group. Maybe that looking will impact the marks you make on the next thing you receive. This way, the sharing matters as much of the marking. I like that.

I also think it might loosen folks up and let them just make a mark to get it out (meet that deadline!) which might create some good spontaneity and energy in the collaborations, as well as take the pressure off of making something really good that the next person can admire, or at least not judge. “I know, I know,” we can say–”I just made a crazy mark and got it out!” And that could also have a positive impact on one’s creating in general–remembering that making something matters more than trying to make a masterpiece.

And it’s still true that the other hard thing is getting your butt to the Post Office to mail it off. But as I write those words, I realize that of course it’s also possible to pass the project on digitally, or to just allow either kind of sharing–mail it or upload it, it’s part of the process.

What do you think? Have you ever done this kind of thing? Would you like to?


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