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This past Spring I started collaborating on some art collages with an artist I didn’t really know—His name is Rob Robinson and he’s a painter on the west coast.

I had written an open invitation to collaborate on some art work to fellow members of an online community that I had joined (started by Seth Godin about groups, leadership and connection) and Rob was the first one who was game to give it a try.

We finished our first collaboration and it was fun and we both kind of liked the end result, so I thought I’d post it here and talk about the process.


Since the two of us had never met or worked together, we thought some structure might help us get started. So I suggested we start with color parameters–Black, White, Grey, Yellow and Red. He liked that and offered to start. Yay! Initiative!

First Steps
Rob's Initial Collaboration "Start"

Rob's Initial Collaboration "Start"

He created several “starts” on heavy 5″ x 7″ watercolor paper, took some pics, and asked me to pick one.  I said, “Aw, just send ‘em all” because sometimes it’s better for me to work on several things at once–I fuss less.

That said, the image on the left is the one that snowballed as I began working on it, so I kept going. And that’s how it looked when it arrived.

The first thing I did was take one of my collage scraps–a long narrow piece–and glue it to the right side–the addition of which made the collage seem vertical and I began treating it like that.

(Maybe because I chose the color parameters, I already had scraps from other collages that fit the color scheme.)

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