Byzantine Baubles Ornament Kit


Now You Can Easily Make These Gorgeous Ornaments!
Great Gifts for the Holidays

Sarah Bush at Byzantine Baubles Ornament KitPeople will be blown away when they find out you made these ornaments because
they look so fancy.

But the best part is that even though they look hard to make, they’re not. Yay!

And that’s because each kit comes with really special, super high quality craft supplies
like traditional Dresden Trim, top of the line Art Glitter (this ain’t your school grade glitter),
hard to find paper mache ornament bases, and big fancy glass pearl cabachons that you
won’t find at your local bead store.

You also get an awesome ultra-fine metal glue tip that you will become immediately
addicted to
and get to keep and use forever once your ornaments are done.

This cool tool gives you special, magical powers over glue and glitter that make them do your bidding and create all kinds of gorgeous glittery
designs in all kinds of projects that you never thought possible.

Soon, you’ll be glittering….well, EVERYTHING!

OH! And I know how you hate to read instructions. (Me too.)

That’s why each kit comes with its own fabulous, super clear HOW-TO VIDEO that you can watch again and again right here on the site.
(It’s the 2nd video from the top.)

And as always, with everything I offer, every kit is 100% money back guaranteed.

3 Colors–Get One or Get Them All

Each Kit Comes includes the following:

-Paper Mache Ornaments
-I jar Metallic Paint
-1/4 oz jars of Art Glitter
-A 2oz. bottle of Glitter Glue
-An UltraFine Metal Glue Tip
-Glass Pearl Cabochons
-German Foil Dresden Trim
-A Pattern Template
-Written Instructions
-1 High Quality Craft Paintbrush
-Access to a super clear how-to video which you can download and play as often as you like.

And because the most expensive supplies are fixed costs, the more you buy, the more you save.

3 Ornament Kit:

Includes one color paint (either red, green or blue) and 2 colors of glitter (matching color + gold). Buy with a 2nd kit (any) and get Free Shipping!



6 Ornament Kit:

Includes 2 colors of paint (your combo choice) and 3 colors of glitter (matching color + gold).
Plus Automatic Free Shipping.

This kit is a 17.00 savings!


**9 Ornament Kit:**BEST DEAL!

Includes 3 colors of paint and 4 colors of glitter (red, green & blue + gold) and get all 3 colors.
Plus Automatic Free Shipping!

This kit is a 44.00 savings!


Eeach kit comes with a very thorough how-to video, so you don’t even have to read instructions!

I’m also happy to answer individual email questions and I’ll even take a phone call in a crafting emergency. ;-)

And remember, I want you to feel totally safe and comfortable buying the kit, so it’s 100% money back guaranteed. (If you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll pay you back in full from my own pocket because that’s how sure I am that you’ll love making and giving these ornaments.)

More questions? No problem. Shoot me an email or give me a call: 201-563-4317.

Happy Creating.