Breathing Room


Getting Un-Depleted

When your life is crammed full and you feel depleted by your job and obligations and then feel further depleted because you can’t imagine having the time to make anything, remember this quote:

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.”  ~John Updike

Your art and creativity will create the space you need to feel rejuvenated and connected–the breathing room your spirit requires. The space you feel is currently not there.

When you feel ridiculously exhausted and depleted (if you’re anything like me) it’s usually because you’re letting the pressing demands of your job or other obligations consume your (supposed) down time as well.

Are you home from work but still thinking about that conflict with your colleague?

Are you worrying that you should really finish that report so you can email to everyone for the meeting next week?

Are you half watching TV but thinking you better wash the kids’ uniforms for the game on Friday and clean that kitchen?

It’s hard to let go of our endless to-dos. We don’t have on and off switches.

But you can give yourself a simple something even while feeling this way–your creativity–and it’s the best interrupter of this pattern of depletion for people like us.

So set aside a few minutes to work on something, or sit in your studio or craft room and ponder what you’ve started (even if it’s months ago), or settle down with a cup of tea and pour over a book of work by your favorite artist and your life will feel less….hijacked.

I promise.

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  1. Zarina says:

    It is true. Since mid 2006 for three years, I made myself sit for at least two hours at my desk. I was doing my master’s degree at that time. Sometimes I find myself doodling but everyday I would sit at the desk whenever I have completed everything that need to be done (which sometimes starts at 11pm).

    Once I have completed the degree, I switched those two hours with my craft. Either doling it, looking at the fabric (I think the early stages were threads for tatting). I feel life much so happier even with all those crap at the office. Once in a while when my body says stop (like now – having stiff shoulders and a deep cut on my left middle finger), I would instead go through the blog posts thinking of what things I can make when I’m better or just pick up a book to read. Current read Dan Brown’s THE LOST SYMBOL.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this great example of how it really works Zarina!!

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