Art Business Coaching

Sign up for personalized, focused, 1-1 coaching  on selling your art with confidence, clarity, and integrity. In these sessions I will help you:

  1. Work through the intense fear that putting your stuff out there in the world to be judged, rejected, returned or ignored brings up.
  2. Finally understand icky business stuff that doesn’t jibe with your artist personality–from one artist to another.
  3. Visualize clearly where you need to go and make a plan that informs your actions in a clear, directed fashion.
  4. Unpack overwhelming problems into their smaller parts so you can set achievable goals you can actually meet and continue to move forward.
  5. Get over your uncomfortable feelings and the judgments you have about selling and marketing so you stop giving a mixed message and actually sell more.
  6. Learn how to say “Would you like to order one now?” without getting hives, breaking out in a cold sweat, or throwing up.
  7. Not be paralyzed by inevitable rejection.
  8. No longer feel scared to follow up with potential buyers.
  9. Figure out how to offer your work to the world effectively–creating collections, building a body of work, developing a signature style.
  10. Effectively network and use social media so you can BUILD A LIST!


Who knew it would be so emotionally intense just getting your stuff out there?

From SOO EXCITED to Completely FREAKED OUT to Cool, Calm and Collected and Ready to Kick Butt 1-12 sessions

These private coaching sessions focuses on helping you bravely move forward with your plan to sell your stuff, after the excitement of the plan wears off and the reality of what that requires sets in.

We’ll talk about your plan, what’s missing, what’s unclear, what’s confusing, what’s okay and come up with some strategies that make sense.

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Demystifying Business Ick for Artists who (think they) hate-hate-hate Business: 1-4 sessions

One to one coaching about the scary business stuff of your particular art business situation.

We’ll clarify un-arty business topics–one arty person to another–as they relate to your particular arty business pursuits. Because sometimes you need to internalize difficult business concepts through the very specific lens of your particular situation–going over individual examples from your art selling situation to work through together.

Stuff like:

  • What is profit?
  • What is breaking even?
  • What are your costs?
  • How do you figure out what you need to make?
  • How do you figure out how many you’d need to sell?
  • How do I do this when I haven’t sold anything yet?
  • It’s a huge relief to know critical business basics because it helps you think and plan and make good decisions–I swear.

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