After mentioning my art show so many times in the last couple weeks, I forgot to tell you how it went!

It was a huge success. I’m not much of a party thrower, and I basically panicked on the way over, so I was really touched by how many old and new friends showed up even on a busy holiday weekend.

The music was great, the conversations were lively, aaannndddd, I sold two pieces! Yay! Here I am with the happy owners and the work they chose.

It’s very satisfying when people connect with your art enough to buy it. I felt honored.

I just uploaded photos of a couple-three new pieces (including the pink one shown above) at http://sarahbushartworks.com if you want to take a look.

R & D Squad

Speaking of honored, I’m also blown away by the great response I got from everyone about joining my R & D Squad.

I’m now in the next stage of setting up the discussion group–testing it, running into snags, and testing again. Feeling a little nervous about having it work smoothly.

I don’t need it to be perfect, but I don’t want it to be annoying for people either. So if you’ve signed up–a GIANT thank you for doing so, and please know that you’ll be hearing from me soon with details about where and how to connect to the discussion forum.

And if you didn’t sign up, no worries–I know that people have busy lives!

And rest assured that your fellow readers will help me hone my future online workshops, projects and kits to make them as good as they can be. So if/when you partake of a few when I launch them, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

Bags of Gratitude

These events got me thinking again about appreciation.
I wrote a blog post a couple of months ago called Bags of Gratitude, and I realized this morning that appreciation is a great additional element to the 20 Minute Club as well.

I love how appreciation helps me turn around my thinking on lots of things, and I’m sad that I’ve been forgetting to do it.

Today I started back with appreciating 5 things in my life at the end of my morning meditation. I’m going to try do this every day regularly. It feels good and gets my head on straight.

In addition, I also appreciated 5 things about myself and realized it would help me tremendously to do that every day regularly as well.

I want you to do this too.

It can feel hard or awkward to appreciate yourself and I’m sure you don’t do it enough.

It’s also an important piece of getting on your own side and nurturing your creative dreams and goals. It helps you become gentler with yourself as you try to get unstuck or work on going deeper with your art.

And gentler is a huge thing. Because appreciating yourself isn’t about making your head big, it’s about honoring yourself and your process.

All reasons why I created The 20 Minute Club in the first place!

Appreciating Yourself

So this doesn’t have to be hard and no one has to hear you. You don’t have to meditate or anything. It would probably be nice to write it down, but if that stops you, then don’t do it. I like to close my eyes put my hand on my heart, but again, whatever works.

To get you started, I’m going to share the 5 things I appreciated about myself this morning:

  1. I appreciate that I followed through on creating a new piece totally on spec (even though I was crazy-busy) and got it to the art consultant just as she was needing something. (She even called me on the phone and said “Are you psychic? I was just looking for your info!”)
  2. I appreciate that I don’t feel heavy about this project (alluded to above in #1) even though it would be very exciting and mean a lot to me if it worked out.
  3. I appreciate that I didn’t feel defensive or scared when I sent her the image and was comfortable with how it turned out.
  4. I appreciate that I’m juggling a lot of different things at once and not beating myself up about not “getting enough done”.
  5. I appreciate that I’m allowing myself to continue to listen to my most recent piece and work on it even though I’m secretly worried it’s too “derivative”.

How About You? What 5 things do you appreciate about yourself today or this week?

(BTW, these appreciations don’t have to be directly art or craft-related or anything. You could appreciate the fact that you walked the dog 3 times this week. It all helps change your attitude toward yourself which in turn helps your creativity.)

The 20 Minute Club–A Mini Update

I realized last week that I need to be clearer about when I’m going to post the 20 Minute Club minutes each week. People were wondering.

I’ve decided to do the minutes each Friday, mostly because I need the whole week to get my 20 minute experiences in.

And now I’m going to add 5 appreciations to the minutes as well, and I would love to hear your appreciations too!

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you on all my posts, but if you’re looking for a sure-fire time to share your 20 Minute Club experiences each week in the comments, just know that I’ll be sharing mine on Fridays from now on.

And I hope you do too, because I think we can all really help each other, as I mentioned in this post last Tuesday: A Little Help From Your Friends.

In the meantime, keep finding 20 minutes here and there in your week and try a little self-appreciation while you’re at it.

I look forward to hearing how it goes.

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  1. nancy says:

    LOVE the pink one!! great stuff Sarah!

  2. After bringing a timer into the studio, I found I did not have to set it. The mere presence of it was a visual reminder to move about and work.
    Still, I found myself faced with creative block from leaving a large sewing commission and attempting to return to art. Quite by accident, I let my musings pour out in a blog post about the loss of actual handwritten letters, and with the comments I received, I realized my focus on the *block* was pretty much gone and I was replying to comments but figuring out art problems.
    It seems there is a need to trick the mind out of a singular focus and allow our other talents to take centerstage now and then, and things go back to how they should be.
    At present, there is a journal being put together, a box canvas being prepped with many layers of gesso and a small card being collaged from various tidbits.
    I can’t complain! ;)

  3. Chris says:

    Very timely that I stumbled upon this post on appreciating yourself. I needed this little push to get my head turned around. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Sarah says:

    @Chris–yay! I love it when messages are well timed. @Anne–thanks for those interesting observations–both are really helpful.

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