About Sarah

aboutyou-daisyMy name is Sarah Bush and I’m on a mission to get you creating again.

And if you are creating, I’ll empower you to get bolder with your work and delve deeper into the artistic experience.

If you’re selling your work, I’ll arm you with great tools and critical information to make your dream of making a living as an artist a reality.

I’m a mixed media artist, creativity consultant, and artist’s coach. I’ve been making my living creatively most of my adult life.

I’ve sold my own jewelry and stationery lines to boutiques and museum shops across the country, designed gift and home decor collections for wholesale companies that sold to large department and famous chain stores, and I was a creative director for a crafting retail entertainment start-up where I designed and developed hundreds of craft and art projects that helped thousands of people have a fun, positive creative experience, regardless of their experience level.

But I ALSO know, first hand, what it’s like to wait on tables to try support your art habit, or to choose the security of the regular paycheck and benefits of a corporate type job that are a relief on the one hand, but can make you feel like you’ve traded your dreams for endless meetings, non-stop emails and stuffy suits that have no connection to the real you.

All to leave you feeling too tired to create at the end of the day anyway.

Make Great Stuff was born to share what I’ve learned in order to help you overcome those challenges as well by providing concrete, structured systems that support your creativity so that this essential part of you can shine again.

I’m endlessly interested in the creative process and am ridiculously earnest about keeping you inspired and providing practical, concrete tools that genuinely help you re-connect to and nurture your creativity so you don’t feel like you’re all alone, that it’s all just silly or doesn’t matter anyway.

Because I’m passionately convinced that it does matter.

The world needs creative people like you to flourish and be in touch with your intuition and imagination, to have faith in your ability and all that is possible.

I love living my life as an artist, and I want you to help you live your life that way too–in your particular way, expressing your particular self, bringing your particular gifts into the world.

Now that you know a little about me, learn more about my coaching programs (click here to unleash your creativity and click here to unleash your marketing mojo).

Both of those videos will also show you how you can get a complimentary consultation with me at no charge.

I look forward to getting to know you better!