Is This You?

  • You’ve always been creative or artistic–maybe you even have a degree in Fine Art–but you have NO time to make anything anymore.
  • You feel like this essential part of you is invisible to other people–friends, co-workers, maybe even your family.
  • You yearn to be creating, but you can’t figure out how to get started again.
  • You feel most yourself when you’re creating, but it’s always the first thing to get sidelined.
  • Or you DO make things, but you hunger to get bolder with your work, go deeper, take more chances, but you can’t quite get yourself there, to push through the discomfort, or to clarify to yourself what exactly you want.

This is all so understandable. Most artistic people don’t get to be creative for a living, and between working and taking care of your family, it’s so easy for your creativity, this essential part of yourself, to get sidelined.

After a while, you can start to feel like you don’t have any ideas anyway, that perhaps you just aren’t creative anymore.

But this isn’t true. Your creativity may be hibernating, but it definitely isn’t gone.

And I’ve got great solutions for getting you back to your creative self.

How it Works