Is This You?

  • aboutyou-daisy-yellowYou’ve always been creative or artistic–maybe you even have a degree in Fine Art–but you have NO time to make anything anymore.
  • You feel most yourself when you’re creating, but it’s always the first thing to get sidelined.
  • Or you DO make things, but you hunger to get bolder with your work, go deeper, take more chances, but you can’t quite get yourself there, to push through the discomfort, or to clarify to yourself what exactly you want.
  • OR, the art-making side of things is fine, but selling your work is giving you a migraine–or maybe a heart attack-you can’t decide which. Either way, you hate it and it’s depressing, scary, weird, or just plain confusing.

This is all so understandable. Most artistic people don’t get to be creative for a living, and between working and taking care of your family, it’s so easy for your creativity, this essential part of yourself, to get sidelined.

And if you’re selling what you make, well, who knew how hard it would be? So hard. And you probably have lots of ideas, but it’s difficult to turn any of them into money. Which brings up the whole pricing thing which is also Driving. You. Crazy.

Well, you’re in the right place. I’m an artist myself and I’ve experienced all those emotions and difficulties.

But over the course of 20+ years of art-ing and designing, I’ve figured out effective strategies for keeping my creativity alive when I was stuck working for the man. And I overcame my loathing of marketing and selling and learned how to make it work for me….because I wanted to succeed more than I wanted to loathe. And it worked.

And now, based on my hard-won lessons, I’ve created two coaching programs for my fellow artists–one designed around
overcoming your creative challenges and one designed around overcoming your marketing challenges.

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