20 Minute Club Minutes-Bits & Pieces


What a chaotic week for me–so challenging to find time for the 20 Minute Club.

But I managed a couple of times, and it really helped.

And doing so made my other crazy-busy-ness more okay because it kept me connected to my art-making.

Which is precisely why I love this technique so much. (BTW, did you get a timer yet?)

My Tin Ceiling Project

In order to update the electric wiring in my studio (that was installed when Thomas Edison was alive or something), we had to rip out the original tin ceiling.

Oh, I loved that ceiling.

It was hard. But I kept as many bits of it as I could–mostly the narrower trim pieces–you can see a few of the shorter ones in the photo above.

And for what feels like ages now, I’ve wanted to turn them into a wall hanging.

I’ve got two sets to work with and these shorter pieces are my trial run.

But this idea has languished for months because I’ve stalled on making the holes for my gorgeous, wide, expensive satin ribbon that I want to pull through them.

I stalled because I was in love with my expensive ribbon and didn’t want to ruin it by making a mistake, and because I couldn’t resolve where I wanted the holes to go–and once I make them, there’s no turning back.

So this week I used the 20 Minute Technique to practice making more holes in some scrap pieces, to calculate where I want them to be in each strip, and to figure out the logistics of drilling through the metal–the last of which was surprisingly difficult.

Yay–progress. This is how it can still happen even when you’re super busy and running in eight different directions.

And I’m always amazed at how good it makes me feel. Still on track. Making headway on things I care about.

The Weekly Appreciations

Self-appreciations aren’t about being a conceited, self-involved jerk, they’re about honoring yourself and your creative process.

This honoring yourself business increases your inner strength which, in turn, helps you continue to do what you love–even when it’s hard, or you’re insanely busy, or no one around you seems to notice or care.

Or if it’s been a long damn time since you made anything. And you’re trying to change that.

And even though I’d love to read your self-appreciations, it’s completely okay to keep them to yourself. No pressure to make them public.

However, because I really really really want you to honor your progress, and to get on your own side, I will continue to share my self-appreciations to help you start thinking about ways you could give yourself a break, respect your own efforts more, and see how the little things all add up.

And of course, I need all these reminders just like you. Taking time to appreciate myself helps me tame the insane task-master inside my own head, who loves to constantly point out where I’m falling short.

Dear Relentlessly Unforgiving Task Master Inside My Head–Here Are My 5 Self-Appreciations For The Week:

  1. I appreciate that I didn’t indulge my inclination to get glum after a non-committal type meeting where I wasn’t sure I’d done a very good job of expressing how completely great it would be for these people to try out this thing I thought we could do together. (Hence the non-committal-ness.)
  2. I appreciate how much I practiced my talk (I gave a talk last night) for the Secaucus Public Library, so that I was really ready once I plunged in–more prepared than I thought.
  3. I appreciate that my talk went really well and that I got over my nervousness–kind of got my “talk-giving” groove back and now feel waaaayyyyy more grounded about doing another. So happy about that.
  4. I appreciate that I felt really good about it all even though not many people came–but the people who did were really positive and appreciative.
  5. I appreciate that I started prepping for this weekend’s outdoor arts/craft festival as soon as I could, and earlier than I planned. Which is helping me a lot today because I’ve got way more to do than I thought I did. :-)

Your Turn

How did your creative week go? Did you use the 20 Minute Technique? Did you not use the technique–how was that? Inquiring minds want to know…

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  1. Joni Owens says:

    I have a very bad habit – I accumulate tons of images, mag. clippings, etc. So a few months ago I decided to start scanning it all into folders on my computer for future use and to eliminate the piles and stashes taking up space in my art space – except I have a hard time tossing the images after I scan them – been getting very strict with myself the last few days (tops of both hands red from corrective slaps-lol). So my 20 minutes when I can catch them this week have been about cleaning/culling out and reorganizing and giving myself some “artistic breathing space” within my art space. So far, so good.

  2. Joyce Barham says:

    This past week was so busy that my 20 minutes here and there seemed to disappear. But between nutrition classes and allergies, I did manage to finish my string blocks and square them up. They are resting while I finish the baby quilt I started in April. I need to finish it quickly as the baby is already a month old. It is the size of a crib quilt or a floor quilt at this age and at this time of year. I listed the steps to finish the baby quilt and have worked on 2 steps out of 6 this weekend. Sometimes I have weeks like this where it seems that nothing is accomplished. I appreciate that I am still willing to try, though.

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